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July 12, 2008


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In Federalist Paper No. 29, Alexander Hamilton clarifies that "well regulated" does not mean restricted, but rather well trained, armed, and equipped. Hamilton also distinguishes the militia, consisting of "a large body of citizens," from what we now call the National Guard.

That with rights come responsibilities is widely if not universally accepted. So what is the responsibility that comes with the right to keep and bear arms? It’s in the opening phrase of the Second Amendment. "Owning guns and complaining to your representatives being sufficient to the security of a free state,..." Right? Well that’s what most gun owners seem to think.

For any who wish to take seriously the responsibility that comes with the right to keep and bear arms, I invite you to explore today’s militia at http://www.awrm.org. We might surprise you, especially if you still believe what the mainstream media and groups like the SPLC say about us.


john jay


i will look to the link.

john jay

john jay


if you would like to write an article re: the origins and current legal status of the militia in the united states, i would publish it, subject to my approval.

i would be especially interested in the colonial view of hte militia, and enabling legislation in teh colonial legislatures. in htis regard, any legislation w/ regard to obligations of the individual citizen to keep required powder, ball and other stores would be of interest.

i am interested, obviously, in anything blackstone, "publius" and others may have had to say about the militia.

i would also be quite interested in your views of the impact of the federal legislation subsuming the militia, state national guards, etc., into the federal chain of command, and how this impacts the legal status of the militia.

in my view, the militia predated the formation of government, and stands apart from it, a unique power centered in the people apart from government. this is not the view, no doubt, of those who people and subsist upon the government.

let me know if you would be interested in doing this.

my email address is:

[email protected]

and i would appreciate receiving your email address.

john jay

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