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March 08, 2008


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With the exceptiongmy two children Jews arent better than anyone else


I think that what happened at the Yeshiva was truly horrible. Truly. My heart and prayers go out to the friends and families of the victims. Too many lives ended too soon for so little.

I still do not think that all Muslims are running around full of hate, which I know you expect someone like me to post. The hate in non-political Muslims is frequently driven by saying such things, though even then so many do not hate but want only to be heard.

I didn't make it through the VLOG, personally, though I did like the beginning and the expressions of horror over the horrible event. I think I made it to a comment something like "they aren't humans they're savages" and had to give up. I think I'll watch the rest now though, as you mention it.

Again, all condolences to those suffering from this tragedy as well as to the families of the over 100 people in Gaza also dead at the hands of Israel. Even these smaller wars bring nothing good, and I fear that my belief will soon be that all humans fit the description of the "crocodile" in the famous cautionary tale you mention.


Maybe not ALL Muslims run around full of hate, but to paraphrase a lawyer joke I've seen, "97% of all Muslims give the rest a bad name." We have seen thousands of real world examples supporting the analogy between Muslims and cold-blooded murderers. And taking a few hours to read Major Stephen Coughlin's doctrine-based threat assessment confirms that that kind of mentality is mainstream Islam, and it's the peaceful Muslim who is the abberation. The free world is at war with the Islamic world whether it wants to be or not, and whether it even REALIZES it or not. But Islam definitely knows it's at war with the rest of the world. The aggressor always does.

john jay


hope to be up and running again in about a week.

john jay


They are not "crocodiles" Mr. Jay. They are fire ants; small minded insects who erupt in murderous frenzy when disturbed and are extending their territory at an alarm rate.

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