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February 03, 2008


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Don't know where the idea of church as a sanctuary came from or how long it's been around(at least as long as Quasimodo shouted sanctuary from Notre Dame) but in the anti-jihad scheme of things it is going to need some adjustment.

The article caused me to look up the Battle of Monte Cassino in WWII. The bombing of the abbey turned out to be wrong but what was interesting was the composition of the Allies. US, British, French, Polish, Indian, New Zealand and even Moroccan troops who took their victory in the manner of Mohammed with rapes, tortures and various other killings.


john jay


thanks for the read.

somehow the "comments" section seems to be up and running again, good to hear from you.

john jay


This and your previous posts are some powerful stuff. Thank you for the effort. It is much appreciated.

On a html technical note, four of the URL's in this post are yielding '404' errors when I click on same. The link to talkingproud.us is broken. The links to kumawar.com suffer from the required case-sensitivity that appache/*nix webserviers look at literally, i.e, capitalization in the original URL cannot be ignored. The link to the Ron E. Hassner article in .pdf format is broken, missing the 'df' on the end of the URL.

john jay


thank you for the note. i appreciate it very much, and hope that you will come back and visit again.

i still struggle with the tech stuff. i will become more proficient, and please, just bear with me.

but, come back again, you are most welcome.

john jay


Hi from north europe, finland.

Just wanted to post and let you know that in our neighbour sweden was found 25 kilos of dynamite accidentaly by a local janitor from a basement in the muslim area. Population is 95% immigrants, muslims, in this area that is a suburb of stockholm, the capitol of sweden.

Now, this dynamite was just on the floor in the basement. Nothing was done to hide it, so this makes me very suspicius. How I see this, it only means that there is whole bunch of explosives there and the muslims have just lost their interest in hiding this stuff, because it has become "too normal" for them to handle it?
Oh man, I hope I am wrong on this one.

PS. good stuff here that hits straight on target. Keep on writing.


Kudos to the author for much original thinking but a good editor would work wonders. There are few people who can wade through such voluminous posts. I found myself skimming, looking for the meat, and excellent meat it was.

Lacking an editor, (who might also approve of capitalization) perhaps John Jay himself would consider putting a precis of his main points as a header, so those interested can follow his reasoning at length but those with time and attention constraints would not be completely deprived of his insights.

The dual nature of Islam is allowing it to exploit all the freedoms accorded to religions in the West because it poses as merely a religion, while hiding its ideologic totalitarianism and political goals. Neither Nazis or Communists were able to build a center for indoctrination on every city block in European and North American cities. Communists cleverly co-opted the West's university campuses for this purpose, churning out among other converts, public school teachers to propagandize starting with kindergarteners and their captive parents so that de facto, we now do have leftist indoctrination centers on every block.

At the moment the leftist centers/public schools are providing cover for the Islamists by pushing multiculturalism, so the two totalitarianisms are co-operating.

Leftists though diabolic geniuses for infiltrating the West's public organs are simultaneously incredibly stupid, since their only commonalities with the Islamists are their anti-semitism, hatred of democratic capitalism and willingness to force equality, indulge their Nature fetish and express misogyny by lowering everyone's standard of living to slum level, except for a ruling oligarchy.

Is the Left prepared to give up feminism, gay rights, sexual libertinism , abortion and multiculturalism itself since Islam and shariah law work against all these hitherto sacred cows?

It's been said that hard core leftists are sado-masochists. That's the only thing that can explain their embrace of Islamists.

Sorry for the comment length. Could use a good editor myself.

john jay


silver platters?

john jay

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