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January 28, 2008


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Excellent dissertation friend! I have not visited LGF since the throwdown between Charles and the good Baron over at GoV.
It's refreshing to read good prose...Proud to call you an ally!


Fantastic article!!

Your point is very well taken. Nationalist movements in Europe are seen as negative by the One World Government types who see the world through the prism of their ideology. If we are to stand against global jihad we will need to foster allies among those elements in Europe the see the problem.


Charles Johnson's personal attacks on Lionheart are bordering on the insane.

His character assassinations are truly appalling and outrageous.

I suggest a boycott of his site and methods to expose his underhanded "black" propaganda.

Who does Charles really work for?


John Jay, you've really opened a cano'worms with this post my friend. Congratulations!
Twenty plus comments here, but your essay is mentioned hatefully in the LGF comments repeatedly. Way to go!!


Regarding the "Odin's Cross" or "Celtic Cross" - it is NOT a symbol that automatically carries a racist meaning.

In every Orthodox Christian church, you will see icons of Jesus Christ with a halo behind his head containing a cross within the halo circle.

The Orthodox Christian Church considers racism to be a sin.

There is no evidence whatsoever that Jesus was a racist or a bigot - the Bible shows quite the contrary.



You make fine points. But please, capitalize. Editorial discipline -- brevity and condensation -- is a virtue.

john jay

dear friends:

thank you very much for the very kind posts. it is appreciated very much.

john jay

p.s. tried extra hard to spell my name correctly, someone pointed out at lgf that i can't be all that bright if i cannot spell my own name. laughing.


John - excellent post - would you please contact me directly on the email associated with this comment?

Thanks again.

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