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January 28, 2008


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There's something of the old-time religion in your posts, in their style at the very least: ministering at length to all comers.

"declare limited hostilities..."
-vintage Winter Soldier :-)

Baron Bodissey

This is excellent. Couldn't have said it better.

As for not particularly liking Europeans -- I think if you get to know some of them, particularly the bloggers, and not the elite snob Davos types, media people, political class, etc. -- you will find much to like about them.

Start with the Danes; they are the best. They have nads the size of basketballs, and speech in Denmark is freer than it is here in the USA.

Then the Flemish. Then regular Brits, not those Labour scum or BBC people.

They're fine folks. That's why I'm fighting so hard for them.

Baron Bodissey

P.S. Your permalinks appear not to work. In this case it brings up the "post a comment" page.


This post is an example of what I mean when I say, "There are others saying the same thing better than I." Mind if I link you and add you to my blogroll?


I often post at chuck's, but, not that often. You are right, however about his writing. He did do us all a favor with the CBS memo scandal, but I can't understand for the life of me how he gets so many lizards posting about photos, quips.There are a lot of blogs that get a lot of posters. Free Republic, Lucianne, Jihad and Dhimmi Watch. I hope yours gets a lot of good commentary...serious commentary.

Kirk Parker

You have some important things to say. More people would stick around and read them if you made use of your Shift key--there's just no reason not to follow normal English-language typographical conventions.


Great essay! I couldn't agree with you more. Don't take this wrong (because I'm not trying to be mean) but the lack of proper capitalization was kind of annoying...


Hear Hear John jay..

God bless you



Hear Hear John jay..

God bless you



Hear Hear John jay..

God bless you




Where has John Jay been for the past four months? Not important now I guess, this was worth the delay!

What are the chances CJ will dare read this entire indictment? What of the cat herd, dare they reply?

I shall post on this essay immediately and expect to see same throughout anti-jihad bloggerdom.


I`ve just discovered your blog. I have to say, your writing skills are outstanding. A bit long winded (sorry) - but I found this very easy to read and refreshing. I look forward to reading more blogs written so eloquently.

Regarding LGF - note that HotAir, Frontpage, JAWA, Ace, etc have not lept to LGF's defence (not that I saw). I guess this is because they understand that the Euro Nationalists are a little more complicated that Charles makes it out to be.

I would say Charles makes good money from his blog, and that is far more important to him than anything else. Cant blame him for that.

It`s up to people like you to win over the readership with your writing skills and insight (Which Charles will never have).

In the same way that Drudge Report is dying out because you can get the same schitt anywhere - Charles faces the same decline. The reason for Charles' decline will be that he's just repeating what we all know, he offers little insight these days. Charles opened my eyes 4 or 5 years ago. But there are MILLIONS of us now who understand the threat, and Charles offers us NOTHING. I thank Charles for teaching me Step1. But we need Steps2 and 3 now. And Charles doesnt have the skill or will to take those steps.

Thanks !


Excellent post. I have posted many of the same questions on LGF myself, i.e. "if you refuse to support SD, BNP, VB, et al then who do you support?".
I have repeatedly chastised the lizards for having no recommendations for fighting the counter-jihad and only having confusing contempt for the few brave European souls willing to fight back. LGF is little more than an echo chamber for intellectual lightweights.
As long as a nationalist group supports Israel and opposes Islamization then I count them as an ally. The enemy of my enemy...as they say.


Once a visiting student from Germany went to EPCOT at the Disney complex in Orlando. It was the Fourth of July. When she saw the fireworks and flag waving she became visibly upset. "Such overt displays of nationalism in Germany would be viewed as fascism." Fireworks and flags, keep in mind.

Anyway, there's so much more to be said on this topic. But at least you hit on a critical point: how to find some common ground with the only people in Europe who are even close to anti-jihad. Calling everyone like yourself a fascist isn't a great strategy. The only non-fascists these days are socialists who hate Jews.

I'd hoped by now there would be some facts stipulated to, some particulars established. Charles doesn't even link to all the old posts on this topic any more. It's become, sadly, as you noted, an angry herd mentality.

If you show me a picture of a girl wearing Nazi clothes, that only takes me so far. I saw Prince Harry in a Nazi uniform a couple years ago. But that's one typical example of the particulars in this ongoing feud. Before we've got Swedish Nazi Girl nailed down we're on to Flemish solar crosses on graves, Freemasons, European Greens who say we're all Nazis. Now Oriana Fallaci may not pass muster last I read.

Does Readers' Digest still condense things?


Welcome to our blogroll.

We have had our share of dealings with CJ and LGF - see http://1389blog.com/category/littlegreenfootballs/

Before the head lizard showed his true colors (as in green for money), I spent a lot of time and effort trying to get broader recognition for LGF and the news stories posted there. I even figured out how to get them removed from some blacklists at censorware firms. I was merely a member of the site - I got no remuneration of any kind for my efforts.

Our own blog covers various things that are not adequately covered elsewhere, including freedom of speech for the counterjihad. We also blog the Balkans on behalf of Serbs in Europe and elsewhere. I eventually got banned from LGF during one of CJ's purges. After CJ was sure that I no longer had any way to respond on his site, he began repeating a bunch of old, false, and already discredited accusations against the Serbs. By doing that - and by taking cheap shots at literally everybody who is doing effective work in the counterjihad - he is knowingly delivering aid and comfort to America's enemies.

Right now, jihadists in the Balkans, and their stooges in the US State Department, are keen on stealing even more land from the Serbs in Kosovo, and here is CJ, acting as another branch of their public relations department.

I called CJ a traitor, by the definition in the US Constitution. Treason is a capital offense, and should always remain so. People have called me all kinds of names for being impolite enough to point this out.

Guess what! It doesn't matter what elaborate and fanciful speculations some name-callers choose to embroider with regard to my ancestry, my appearance, my tastes in companionship, my mental capabilities, or even my fate in the hereafter. None of them have refuted the assertion that made them so intemperately angry. The bottom line is that Charles Johnson and those who do his work are traitors, regardless of whether I am still around to say it or not!


Scott Anderson

What a fine post, and a rallying cry that deserves at least my poor nag and dusty shield in its train. Onward!...as soon as I replace a thrown shoe...


A welcome read, and good to have found you via Gates of Vienna.

The tiniest of nitpicks, however: the Leo A5 and later modells as well as the Challenger 2 are more potent tanks than the Abrams, with the Leo 2AEX and it's Swedish derivate, the Stridsvagen 155 (?) being the most powerful and sophisticated tanks worldwide.


Thank you for your well reasoned analysis putting the focus on the real enemy instead of the straw man getting the stuffing kicked out of it on LGF.

You certainly have Charles Johnson's number. I had to stop recommending his site when he started taking lessons on Europe from a far left propagandist and enabler of Islamofascist takeover (Strommen). "Don't look behind the curtain on your left, folks, nothing to see there. Look over to your right instead, Eek! a white supremacist, the biggest threat to Europe and the world today! What's that you say, Mr. Skeptic, you don't see white supremacists attacking people of other cultures and faiths around the world, killing thousands unless white supremacist is defined as Arab Muslim? Quick! Turn your gaze over there! It might be a cross of some kind! Maybe a white power symbol!"

It's too bad. Johnson's exposure of media bias (Reuters/Rather) was invaluable. He has also performed good service as a clearing house for massive anecdotal evidence of the Muslim threat.

However, he does not present a coherent world view. He exposes Muslim perfidy daily, which must earn him the title Islamophobic from the people who coined it to deflect attention from Muslim sins to fictional persecution of Muslims. Presumably he wants America to stay American with no sharia. But suddenly, he gets all prissy and leaves people exactly like him in Europe hanging out to dry, acting as though the possible presence in their brave little ragtag coalition of a handful of far right anti-semitic throwbacks are somehow the equivalent threat to the huge numbers of unmistakable self-declared Islamofascists invading Europe!

And how can he not know that his big bugaboo anti-semitism has found a new and much larger home in the left, the ones enabling the Islamofascists on every front? They have their hatred for Judeo-Christianity and everything it has wrought to bind them.

Charles is bludgeoning the mouse while behind his back, the wolf licks its lips.

P.S. If your capitalization key is not broken, I would also appreciate its use. It adds ease and lucidity especially to long tracts.

john jay


thank you one and all for posting, will try to respond personally tomorrow evening.

john jah

Geoffrey de Boullion

Bravo! Well spoken for free speech and association! Long live the West!


Oh please, like a European tank could even hit an American tank. The M1 Abrams can hit a target from a mile away. Their armor can withstand a direct hit from any shell and no tank crew has ever been killed. Can you say the same about European tanks?

Also, you mention that they might win in a war of attrittion. Let me ask you a question. How many divisions can all of Europe field in a week? How many do you think America can? How many planes does Europe have? How many tanks? How many armoured cars? How many aircraft carriers?
You see my friend, America could start a war with Europe on December 23 and still be home in time for Christmas.


Dear Mr. Jay,

(I started to write "Dear John" but thought better of it. This is not that kind of missive.)

I was surprised when the big dust-up between LGF, GofV, Atlas, et al. started. I was even more surprised when it wasn't resolved with an agreement to disagree on certain points until the battle for Europe was won.

All this over Odin's Cross.

I would agree with Mr. Johnson's position if he could prove that there was a "Save Europe" movement that did not include the groups and individuals to whom he objects. If there is, I have yet to hear of it. Either it doesn't exist or it is being tarred with same "Fascist" brush just for being against Muslim immigration.

As I see it, we of the West are involved in a cultural war with Islam. It is a war that will span generations and, unless we put forth our utmost effort now, will shortly have no enforcible bounds.

From where I sit, Europe is already on fire. All hands to the pumps and if some of those hands have dirt on them we can issue soap and water later...when we're all washing up.

sheik yer'mami

Goodness, don't flatter this lizard king too much! This drama queen thinks he is already the grand wizard of his very own moral majority (where everybody is entitled to his -CJ's-, opinion) and any attention only makes his condition worse!

Ernest T Bass

Thank you for an excellent, spot-on commentary.

Charles Johnson really jumped the shark when he appointed himself Chief Inquisitor on European affairs.


For an excellent example of CJ leading a stray cat back to the herd, see this post and comments #129, 134 and #138 in ths post & thread:


You will also notice in that thread how The King Lizard and the "borg" were all inadvertently led to read John Jay's essay.

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