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December 29, 2007


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Bravo, Mr. Jay! RIP,Aunt Charolette.


I would be with the fat jollies on the couch ...

Good stuff JJ
welcome to the club


Notable in your honorable mentions of your aunt, as fresh or raw as what you may be feeling about her passing, is a complete absence of gooey sentimentalism and self-absorption. Which is of a different order from emotion.

Ah! John, your stock is one that knows chores and duties and a quiet, self-reliant pride. The kind that works plows or washes diapers or skins game or pours cement, that gets the washing in off the line while the storm clouds gather but before they break, that knows it's about the baby and not the blood (nor the bathwater). In short, that gets the job DONE.


"i am part of this community, this little lincolnesque experiment in democracy, and i neither set myself apart from or elevated above my countrymen. i am, as they say, one of the peeps."

Well, the Net has just been lucky enough to get another peep. There's hope for this world yet! As an American, I thank you.
Woo hoo! Or rather I should say....

Peep! Peep!



Welcome to the Blogos.



Trees, John, what about the trees?
Just laughing my ass off, you'll like me better next year, I'm sure
Great start-up, keep the motor revvin'



JJ, congrats to you on the blog, amigo!

Hey, I put up a late, but long post at Pam's blog, it was partly addressed to you--hope you will take a look.

And Happy 2008 to you and all of "OUR" fellow infidels! ;- )

john jay

thanks for the "comment."
have read your comment at a.shrugs, and will reply there.
still haven't figured out how to email back to you from typepad, e.g., directly from your posted "comment," but will work on that this afternoon.
typepad kind of has a way of gumming stuff up, and am having to learn on the fly. but, thank you for reading, and i hope that you drop in regularly.

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