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October 02, 2017


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When I watched the video this morning I had two thoughts: 1) yep, that's automatic fire alright, but fired carelessly in one long long burst, and 2) that's a damn slow rate of fire for an actual machine gun.

Now the news is saying he had a couple of bump fire stock devices, along with 19 guns in the room plus tons of ammo.

You can get 100rnd drum mags for an AR or an AK. Bump fire one off, and the gun is red hot. Swap the stock gizmo to a cold gun with a new drum, lather rinse repeat. Is there a skill to using them? Does it takes lots of practice to master? I don't know.

This is one damn strange case. The guy seems like Mr. Normal, retired and well off. And suddenly all this, 19 guns, 1000s of rounds, another house full of weapons plus ammonium nitrate fertilizer bombs? WTF???

Yes, he could be the biggest patsy in history. Or a perfect psycho who prepped for this for years.


And I mean years. How far ahead was that concert planned? How far ahead did he have to book that swank corner suite for the whole 3-4 day festival weekend?

How long does it take to acquire dozens of rifles and mountains of ammo and NOT draw notice to yourself?

Good grief, it must have taken him a dozen trips just to haul his crap up to the hotel room.

This whole thing smells.

john jay


i've posted again, arguing that he had to have had spotters to help in this, just to manage target acquisition in a crowd of 22,000 people.

and, you raise a subject that i've been cogitating over for a couple hours. the talking heads say that he had 23 guns in the room where his dead body was found.

how do you sneak 23 guns into a hotel room without staff & security noticing it? i mean, it is hard to stick 23 guns under the bed, especially when the hotel maid is making the bed every day.

and, in a las vegas hotel, the elevators are gonna be loaded with people 24/7 .

yes, it stinks.


john jay

p.s. and, as you note, sneaking a couple thousand rounds of ammo in, especially for a scoped high powered rifle (of which there were some, i understand from news sources) is also no mean feat.

easier for confederates to share the burden here, on the same floor, and then bring the stuff in bit by bit just before the operation is launched.

and, as regards being a patsy. when the confederates saw the possee closing in, they killed him, nice and thoroughly, to tidy up, before they got the hell out of dodge.


yes.   yes, yes to all.
he was the patsy.
who ran it?   to my mind, it is soros, or it is isis.


I am inclined to agree, but am trying not to put on the tinfoil hat, because to wear it means accepting that certain groups or government factions are willing to commit mass murder to push their agenda. That "country music = Republicans therefore it's fine to kill them" thing that oozed out of CBS and social media may be very telling. Nearly as bad, or even worse, We the People will NEVER get the real facts from gov or media, only the "approved" story, filtered by layers of operatives and message massagers. Which means we are living in the Matrix, and that is an upsetting and depressing thing to fully admit. It's all InSoc and the Ministry of (today's) Truth. No thanks.

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