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October 03, 2017


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I pulled up the area on Bing maps. It's a quadrangle surrounded by tall buildings on at least 3 sides. Lots of glass and smooth hard surfaces to reflect sounds. Sure, sound diminishes at the cube of the distance or something like that, but in these videos the guns are pointed right at them. Probably the loudest direction I'm guessing, never having been shot at myself.

john jay

i've got a bad ticker. when recovering from open heart, i used to walk 2 miles out to the gun range and scrounge brass, and walk 2 miles back home. lots of times, people would be shooting at the rifle range w/ heavy caliber rifles ... the height of the stuff built on the .404 cases, the remington ultra mags. the nice thing about estimating distance from the range was the rural telephone pole placements, about a pole per 100 meters. i can tell you, walking up to the range, that when the wind was right you could hear the boomers at a mile, but not when the wind was the other direction. and, that 1/4 mile, or 400 yards, attenuated the report a great deal. the .30-378 magnums were load, but the .223's and 7.62x39mm's were pretty mild even 100 yards away.

now, this was concededly over open ground, crp ground or growing crops, stubble, that sort of thing. and, i will grant you that you make a point about reflective surfaces focusing sound and the like. but, 400 yards is 400 yards, and we are talking of .223's/5.56mm nato here. and, in my experience, distance attenuates the sound of it quite a bit at 400 yards.

and, i still think the reports of the shots being fired in the videos very load.


p.s. and, no, i have never been on the receiving end of rifle fire ... people who have tell me that it is an arresting experience.

and, i think sound decreases by the square of distances, but i don't know what the base distance is used to calculate that.

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