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October 04, 2017


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Mark Matis

I realize I have been banned due to past posts, but do you REALLY think that we are going to get an accurate accounting of this event from the LVMPD, the FBI, and BATFE? I expect you should already know the reliability of the FBI and BATFE. For LVMPD, look up their murder of Erik Scott and the following coverup. Or contact his father, Bill Scott, and get the rest of the story.

Paul Albers

Well thought through, John.
I have seen the picture and your assumptions are correct. I watched the Sheriff tell the reporters that he would not always answer their questions honestly, and there you have it.


Employment history:

1976-78 Post Office
1978-84 IRS Agent
1984-86 "defense auditing"
"Late 1980s" "defense contractor"

After "late 1980s" Nothing.


Here's some more information I'm sure Ms. Geller will write about in her usual succinct excellent way.
The FBI really screwed the pooch. Why nothing adds up is because they tried to cover their arses when their stupid games went south on them. ISIS wasn't in Nevada to play cops & robbers, they where there to kill Americans.



Assuming basic competence, the number of shooting locations is known. Count the spent cartridges in the hotel room. count the spent bullets in the target area (including the people hit). The numbers would nearly match if the room was the only firing point (allow for some bullets not to be found)

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