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June 02, 2017


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Paul Albers

I have had heart stopping nightmares dreaming I was in bed with a young thing uglier than a three bagger, but never as ugly as Kathy.
This is what she gets running with,and elbow rubbing with, her Hollywood buddies.


One purpose of this is to distract from Seth Rich's murder which has gained too much attention, and we all know where Rich's murder leads, Pizzagate and everything associated around it, all the treason, corruption, political power through blackmail etc.
But like all thing the left does, there are cunning multiple uses in its actions and narratives. fertile ground for doing things you normally can't get away with doing.

Carolyn E

Kathy's mistake was outing the insanity of the Left. Whenever ISIS held up a severed head of a Christian, the Left wasn't the least bit bothered. But they hid that fact by keeping their mouths shut - until Kathy came along. By showing she wasn't the least bit bothered by the decapitated head of President Trump, she exposed not just her inhumanity but that of Leftists everywhere. Kathy outed the Left; that's the real reason why they're turning on her.

john jay


she is a homely little brute, and as a further liability, nothing can hide her mean & petty soul.

her face ain't much to brag about, but her personality is even uglier.

poor poor poor pitiful pearl.


john jay


agreed. miserable bastards, the "committed lefties." crazy as march hares.


john jay


who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of men .... especially the left.

they are not nice people, and not very smart, especially the closer they get to hillary.

birds of a feather, go crazy as loons, together.


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