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April 19, 2017


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Paul Albers

so, right now, i am as the fellow who has had a good supper, and is relaxing over a whiskey, coffee and a good cigar. but, i have the keyboard handy, as i have a rifle propped in the corner.

I wish you well, my friend and I envy your choice of libation et al. I also envy your ability to partake in each and every one.
Should the balloon go up, there will be many of us that will lock and load with you.
If some do not like it then as they say in the Russian Marine Corp, "toughkey, shitskey.


I agree with you, but I still write. There are so many daily depredations by the lunatic left and by the muzzies and other world tyrants that there is never a lack of topics. And every voice raised against them is important.


John, I still look for your comments but agree with what you are feeling about Trump. I have a more important question. What ever happened to the Jeep you were rebuilding? I am simply curious. Hang in there!

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