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March 21, 2017


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john jay


in my life i have gone to college, and to law school and practiced a learned profession.

i have also worked 18 hour days in the fields, and pounded nails for a living. i worked the bering sea for 7 months in alaska, after going to law school. my dad, both grand dads, and two older brothers were welders and mechanics, and heavy duty construction workers operating the big stuff.

i have tugged a wrench or two on occasion. and, i have more than a passing familiarity with what are called "the tools of ignorance." i have worked jobs that caused blisters, blisters that cracked and bled.

you will forgive me if i feel that many of you are basically ignorant of the realities of the world.

i take no solace that most of you are going to get a quick education in same, in the not too distant future.

i fear for my children. they haven't a clue, and nothing they have been formally taught has prepared for them.

evil this way comes.

john jay

Rollie Taylor

Well said friend. I especially like the quote. It should be sent to the president.

john jay


thanks, but, i didn't do too much. the credit goes to sagan.

but, thanks for stopping by.


p.s. btw, i should be up in yakima around the 31st or so. i'll try to get a hold of you, if certain persons will allow. laughing.

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