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March 16, 2017


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Paul Albers

Ah, Victory at Sea. I sat spellbound during every episode. It chronicled with real videos of the U.S. Navy and the defeat of its enemies.
Also I can still hear the voice of Alexander Scorby's narration of the episodes.
Brave men both in the air at at sea.

Paul Albers

An update.
My memory was inaccurate.
Roger Graves did the Narration. Another great voice.

Paul Albers

An update update. As I understand it Mr. Scorby did do some narration on a condensed version of Victory at Sea. Credit given where credit due. My error does not diminish the bravery of Loyce.

john jay


nothing as stirring to watch as film of a great ship pounding through heavy seas.

i spent time aboard a fisher/crabber/processor in the bering sea, when younger and just out of law school. i think that the biggest seas i was ever in were running about 16' or so, and that was enough to convince you that any more would be in a realm above exciting and bracing.

the ocean is a big place. to fly across great expanses of it, and then to fly back looking for a very small carrier deck, to stalwart and brave men. to fight over it, ... , well, it took special men.

victory at sea captures this. i haven't seen it on the t.v. in a while, i should go out and get a dvd of the program(s). a wonderful series.


Paul Albers

I can relate to your Bering Sea experience. Must have been cold as it comes. I spent some time in the North Sea and it made me think of all those poor souls that went down with their ships.

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