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March 12, 2017


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Woo hoo! Must have been your lucky day. They are a sweet pump gun like you say.
Amazingly light handling for an all steel weapon.
Have you tried it to see if it has a trigger disconnect?

I wanted an 18 inch model for years. My neighbor needed some cash for a run of the mill Winchester 30-30, $250, ended up taking it to the local gun show see if I could use it in a trade. A fellow had this old beat up ex state police 37, he traded straight up for the 30-30. Said the 37 had feeding problems, figured since Ithaca still sells parts, I could fix it. All it needed was a serious cleaning and it ran perfect.
Something about the 37, can't quite put my finger on it, it just points right, the action is slick and like you say, like an oiled whistle, the balance is about as perfect as can be. Kicks like a mule though with slugs. Not that I mind. I've heard using a forcing cone hand reamer to lengthen the chamber helps a lot.
It feels right regardless. Stays by the nightstand now.

john jay


it handles very nicely, indeed. and, it is a very strong action, the locking being into a stout all steel receiver, and it is prevented from coming out of batter because the bolt carrier rests underneath and won't allow the bolt to drop.

i betcha you could lengthen the forcing cone, and take a little of the whack out of it.

a very nice day when i got it. and, it is in beautiful shape. the bluing is very nice, no wear spots, no rust or wear spots.

i am very lucky to have it.


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