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February 02, 2017


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Paul Albers

It is amazing how many people still hug Socialism.
Of course those at the top love it, but those underneath do not come to their senses until they run out of toilet paper or food. it has been said that Socialism works until it runs out of other people's money. The shooting war is about to begin.

john jay


when the weather breaks a bit, and the basement is not freezing, i am gonna go to the store and buy some 120 grain .277 bullets for reloading into some 6.8mm rem spc cases.

one of the best intermediate infantry rounds on earth, with just a sconce more ballistic capability than the rooskie 7.62x39mm (model 43) round.

small mammals, to about 250 lbs. plus. good for feral hogs, large deer, ... , whatever.



I hear you on all that John, I hear you good. Thanks.

You will appreciate this. It is really something you should read. I don't know who this guy is but he sure is sincere. It pertains to what you wrote above. The last sentence is the best.


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