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February 03, 2017


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john jay

dear friends:

based on my readings of history i'd say the snowflakes are about 30 years out from producing hardened revolutionaries who could carry on a fight for any length of time.

europe saw many uprisings in the late 1840's, such as that led by "rosa the red" in vienna, but that could not coalesce into revolution.

and, in the balkans prior to wwi, it took a while for the "black hand society" and others to develop a command and planning structure, and do the recruitment and training to go up against the austrian-hungarian empire.

and, in russia, it took quite a while, through the uprisings caused by the disastrous war w/ japan, and the anarchist bombings, and the exile of numerous russian exiles and revolutionary screeds inspired by marx, to even begin breeding the mensheviks and the bolsheviks and the tweenerviks. it took world war i to get the soldiers they needed, and it took a round or two of executions and purges within their own ranks, before the communists could mount a meaningful fight against the czar. and, even so, the communists did not so much fight a revolution as hijack one already well formed by others, and then to liquidate their opposition leadership, before they exerted their influence.

these people were made of pretty stern stuff, and were hardened by arrest, exile and torture in basements for several generations.

they were no pimple butted/faced snowflakes. in our past, the weather underground and the original panthers were hard, but self indulgent amateurs. and, except for ayers and dohrn, pretty ineffectual except for the zebra killings and some stuff carried on by angela davis and friends. (it is from this that hillary emerged a full blown maggot from the shit pile.)

but, there is no continuity w/ the american snowflakes. they "go back" to obama and soros, and that is it. they spend money to hire rioters.

they have no troops, that i can see. if they do, they are hidden deeply.

if they had troops, where are they?

john jay

simple as that.

Paul Albers

Especially think about the snipers. You know the ones trained to take you out from hundreds of yards. Won't that be lovely?

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