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February 26, 2017


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Paul Albers

It is coming. Don't forget water. If you have pets plan fot them too.


Crazier by the day.

Phil Ossiferz Stone

What's set off your alarms? Maybe I'm suffering from libtard hysteria fatigue, but I sense nothing out of the ordinary.

john jay

paul, familyman, phil:

the dems continue to be crazy. they cannot get over that they came so close to institutionalizing their permanent rule, and they are unwilling to give it up.

the attempts to frustrate trump's rule are more than irritating, they are pathological.

the media continues to trumpet the leftist bullshit as if clinton had one, as if the dems still "ruled."

push will come to shove, and the dems will rue the day they continued to push. it will be a very fatal mistake for quite a few of them.

and, the idiot mccain still is acting as though he will be made president by acclamation, if only he can topple trump.

bad signs.

john jay

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