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January 29, 2017


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Paul Albers

Well Hell. I think there will be plenty to write about soon.
These anti Americans (read primarily Democrats) are just winding up on Trump. Just wait a few days and you will have plenty of STUFF to write about.
Hang in there.

Duke wavewalker

Same gun BS starting up again here in RI....76 e-mails sent today. ...statehouse tomorrow night....be vigilant!

Phil Ossiferz Stone

I intend to be an Oregon resident by the time Gavin Newsom becomes California's next governor. Which may seem like jumping from a hot skillet into a warm one... but I was born within sight of Mount Shasta, and I don't want to leave it. As long as I can see it, I know that I am home.

I therefore take a deep personal interest in whatever screeds you may put up here re: the activities of the blue-state fascisti in the northern half of Jefferson. I will be watching.

john jay

dear friends, all:

i have been watching the confirmation process, and it is apparent that the trump express is not gonna be slowed by by the tactics of "chuckles" schumer and ilk.

most recently, hatch's committee simply amended the rules to rule a quorum didn't need a participating demo to work, on the advise of the chamber parliamentarian.

two nominations to the senate floor.

so much for schumer's obstructionism. is nancy pelosi watching.

even though i am not writing much, i come here daily to read those comments which have been posted.

and, i am heartened by them, and the good sense exhibited in them.

it is gratifying to see that so many are so concerned about the path of the country.

now if we can just shake off the cabal of leftist idiots from the willamette valley that run the state of oregon.

that, i think, is my goal.

john jay

p.s. wish us luck.

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