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December 08, 2016


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Mark Matis

Very well said.


We have made an almost annual trek from Texas to Oregon to visit family. As we drive though the agricultural areas of Texas, Colorado, Idaho and Eastern Oregon I am continually struck by how hard people in the heartland work, doing real things. They lift and carry heavy products and transport them to market. The small towns have grain elevators and stockyards and high school football fields. It is amazing and impressive to see. And it is critically important to the success of our country.

Disbursement has it's own tactical advantage. Pearl Harbor was a lesson in the folly of concentrating assets. It is comforting to know that there are so many hard working, smart, common sense oriented people out there. You wouldn't know it by watching TV the last few years.

Thanks for the heartening post.

john jay


thank you for the read, and thank you for the comment.

i enjoyed writing the post. you might check out the follow up. not as good as this one, but, passable.


john jay


grown and raised in milton freewater, and think of it as god's country. it is truly beautiful in the spring and fall, ... , one season is green and mild, the other hot and brown, but each has its own allure.

the worst thing in the world that can happen to a little boy happened to me. the teachers said, oh, he's such a bright little boy, he should go to school.

so, i did. and, here i am now, right back where i started. laughing.

but, the uptick of this is that i have lived around very bright people all my life. smart. accomplished. elite & privileged.

and, i've got news for you, and for them (which they will never accept.) and that is, they are not as smart as they think they are, and they are not smarter than the rest of the herd, at least not by any significant orders of magnitude. hey, you cannot be a genius if the rest of the people cannot recognize it, ... , you are merely weird.

the "rich" and "elite" are not that way because they deserve it. they sort of suffer the same delusions that kings who believed in the divine right of kings did. they are simply that way because of the dictates of the economies of scale, and the fact that money concentrates as it moves up the social pyramid.

the elites & privileged suffered a little set back this last election.

it is up to the rest of us to keep them humble, and to make sure that we are led by people who at least respect and like us, if not coming from us directly.

i like our country.

it is magnificent to travel through and over. and, i am very glad that you feel the same way.

when i was young i wanted "out" of milton freewater. now that i am old, i am quite content to be back, and the place fits like an old pair of gloves.

give a look at the post on "heather's" following, if you will. i hope you'll like it. it is in the same vein as this one. e.g., two america's, one that gets up at 4.00 a.m., and one that doesn't. i don't pretend to that virtue. i drag into heather's at about 8.30 a.m., and not dependably. laughing.

john jay

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