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December 29, 2016


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funny how the lefties are so irate about "russian intervention" in our presidential election yet almost nothing was heard about how the DNC manipulated their entire process to ensure bernie was out and killary was selected.

john jay


demo outrage is highly selective.

we don't hear much about bernie getting torpedoed; hillary's earpiece at the debates; little ms. journalist feeding hillary questions for the debates; and all the various electronic perfidies laid on others by the dems.

nor do hillary & obama happen to mention that were it not for hillary's stupidity none of "her" emails would have been hacked in the first place.

john jay

p.s. "hacking" is sort of a misnomer here. actually, as has been confirmed, someone sent podesta an email to his open account, and suggested he change something to protect his security. he did, and they were in.

and, none of the stuff i've seen has any proof that the rooskies gave wikileaks anything. some code that they may have "hacked" her, but, in my estimation, so did everybody else in the western & eastern & developing country world.

hey, when you have your maid pick up your "secure" email in your "secure state dept room," you are gonna have some security problems.

there will be more to come. "the best and the brightest" are neither, and do a fair imitation of being dense as posts.

john jay

p.s.s. and, "her emails" make me grind my teeth to the gum line.

they were not "her" emails.

they were secret documents belonging to the state department and other government bureau's, unfortunately destined for her view.

she mishandled the government's documents, and she should be in jail.

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