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September 13, 2016


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john jay


watch the star trek episode about the troglodytes, miners by trade, and their rulers.

you'll get the picture. laughing.

that's what hillary and the rest of "your betters" think of you, and that's why they back her, to keep you in your chains.

john jay

Paul Albers

"Dumb..." and dangerous as vipers. Should the uprising happen they will be the first to be sent to the wall, regardless who wins.


John Jay,

That's the "Cloud Minders" episode. It is a rather good one too.

Stephen Cournoyer

you nailed it...as always....

john jay


one of my favorites. and, i love the frank gorshin episode, he from the world were some of the population is black on the left side, white on the right side; where the other part of the population is black on the right side and white on the left side.

no asians. no hispanics. (that might have been a bit tricky to represent.)

but, a good episode.

along w/ "the trouble w/ tribbles." love the end of it.


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