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July 08, 2016


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Can't if say either will happen.
It is the effects of these false flag operations which are the intended effects. I think that aspect is more important to those who have precipitated them. They are crisis as a means. Not an ends in themselves. Though the means justify the end game.
You got to think like a globalist. The idea is to use fear as a fulcrum to herd people, distract them, divide them.
In any case, the underlying truth involves guns. Who has guns, who doesn't, who is controlled by guns and who controls the guns. Guns are both critical in the hands of those in power for the continuation of their tyranny, and existential to that power and those who wield it through use of force and violence, exactly because people who are not ruled by that fear and who have guns, exactly because those tyrants fear us dirt people with guns. Because they are afraid of what people with guns will do to them for what they are doing to us.

This is where it is all heading, everything now pivots on guns and consent. It actually at the heart of it all has had to do ultimately with guns all along.

Guns are like consent. Consent can only be given, not taken. Nobody can force you to give your consent, only you can give it, or take it away.
It is physically impossible to take everyones guns. In any case, it would create more problems than could be controlled. So the next best thing is to outlaw the people who have guns. Actually easier and far more useful to stigmatize White people with guns. Make them the racist bogeyman It is classic pogrom. It is kill the Kulaks.

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