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July 09, 2016


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The rule of law is dead.

john jay


law does not exist unless it is fairly and equitably applied, and exists as a rational and fair rule of conduct.

there can be no law when applied inequitably, unfairly and in the interests of the rich and powerful.

there can be no law in a country where the f.b.i. describes illegal activity on the part of hilary clinton, and then recommends no prosecution be pursued on the facts which suggest her criminal conduct. to say that she did not "know" what she did, or "intended" to violate the law is an absolutely ridiculous suggestion when applied to:
1.)a woman who has been a lawyer all her adult life, 2.)a woman who was a united states senator, and 3.)a woman who was secretary of state.

no "intent," indeed. a ludicrous suggestion.

no, fred, there is no law in this country when hilary skates on these facts. there is no law when the very person who instigate violence, who fomented and organized it, try and reign in the dogs of war they have loosed.

when there is no law, there is only force and power. hobbes and locke described it as the state of nature, e.g., perpetual war between persons and groups because there is no arbitrator to control faction and passion.

we shall know civil war pretty quickly, in my view.

john jay

john jay


substitute "did not intend" for "intended."

my apologies.


Paul Albers

The rule of law is gone.
So much Black crime on Blacks is so sad.
Even Jesse Jackson said when he hears footsteps behind him at night he is relieved to see it is a white person.

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