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June 26, 2016


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Brainwashing educators.
Then the brainwashed "vote."
The leviathan laps it up.


You know something John, lot of us dirt people are blood spitting mad, and we have every conceivable cause to be so. There is no question of the legitimacy of it. Before this is over and we win, we are going to find the answer to your question. We are going to find out a lot of smoke has been blown up our arses, that we are a plurality of Freemen so large it is going to blow our minds, and that we have been vote frauded into tyranny every step of the way. This is no shit Brother, it is how the fuckers have conned us, by rigging the vote just enough so it doesn't appear like fraud, and little by little the sonofabitches got around the true vote that never would have made it possible for so many crooks traitors and betrayers to foist their fucking bullshit on us. But the thing that counts, is we are still here us free dirt people, and no vote fraud or tyranny on God's green Earth changes that truth about us.
The Great Fuck You is almost here.

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