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June 16, 2015


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The left lives in a subjective reality.


It is a pretty complex plain crazy in the head situation. I think that entire black race supremacy movement dovetails well with the entire Marxist mindset, they compliment each other quite well. Psychopaths be psychopaths regardless of the guise of lies and narratives worn.
Here you have another dynamic to consider. The leader of the human extinction movement is also the titular leader of statist states of amerika. Now how convenient is that?

These clowns now have unfettered access to unlimited federal funds, resources, and a lapdog media system of statist mouthpieces. Add into this stew of wonton corruption and vice, a race of humans who have no concept of the truths and realities of a future and a past, should I say a grasp of the profound unintended consequences of their actions beyond primal desires and passions and gratifications, where reason, the use and concept of as a concept doesn't exist. People who are essentially in a position to turn our society into one coast to coast black ghetto and be perfectly comfortable with such an outcome.

I think they want every inhabitant of America to live in their ideal culture. Deep down Im saying, it is what drives these idiots.
Look at the native African nations, or any negroid nation. By plain western standards of living it is squalid living devoid of prosperity or intrinsic wealth created through any motive power of liberty and freedoms. Corruption and use of murder are the prime directives of these societies. Why would this same basic race here in America be any different, especially in light of 200 plus years of opportunity to hoist itself by its own means above poverty of every concept of standards of life every race on earth strives to obtain, but the negroid race in general?

It is collective insanity, when your race supremacy theory and practice lowers every standard and ideal of life accepted for thousands of years by the unquestionable majority of the human race, and call all who dismiss such psychosis as racist.

What I keep scratching my head about though, and it perplexes me to no end, at some point an awful lot of people are going to make a choice their tolerance for such pure unadulterated racism is at an end. And those people are mostly of a white skinned variety.
Not for nothing, lot more fair skinned Americans than darker skinned Americans. A lot more. If your going to enslave this huge majority of Americans to your racial regime, you kind of are going to need something like the numbers required to make slaves of people who essentially are very adverse to slavery of any kind, who also are beginning to cotton to being a slave to statist state already is not such a great thing either. You have a lot of pissed off people with a lot of guns and the means and smarts to use them. That is kind of like sticking your hand in a hornets nest naked on a 40 ft ladder.
It just ain't going to end well no matter how you slice this shit sandwich being served up.


No truer words, Doug.


Ya, well nothing is better than the truth. These actors and by connection this government they usurp, have set aside God and all moral imperatives to fulfill this demented agenda of theirs.

They are out of their fucking minds.


"Ya, well nothing is better than the truth."

Sounds like a good way to get arrested too. Next up on the agenda..."truth crime."


Oh, and just so you know...

The following is how the American Bar Association defines “hate speech”…

Hate speech is speech that offends, threatens, or insultsgroups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits.


Who are you, self appointed thought police branch of the culture war office?

Why don't you surrender now and lick the boots of your masters? Be better for you, get it over with sooner.

Or.. maybe you already have.


Not at all.
Just trying to point out absurdity in a sarcastic way.
Guess I didn't do so well.


Here's the whole article where I got the ABA definition.


john jay

friends, right wing, mt. top:

according to the progressive/leftists/propaganda ministers for the stinking obama, is there any kind of speech which is remotely candid that does not qualify as "hate speech."

that is, by the way, the absolute essence of free speech, .... , it's bound to piss off somebody, and to step on somebody's toes.

john jay



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