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April 20, 2015


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"right wing terrorist has published the declaration of independence at the previous "jade helm" post. remember the part about no troops "housed among us," being part of the declaration? i suggest you read it, once again, and refresh your memory."

Well, guess I'm gaining some sort of notoriety, based on the writings of our astute forefathers.

Bet I've gained a bunk a bunk at the local FEMA re-education center. I'll be forced to attend my shovel ready job, beginning at the onset of Jade Helm.

Just because I've pointed out the obvious. Of course, the revolutionary act of actually posting The Declaration does in fact make me a Right Wing Terrorist. Ipso Facto. At one time I was just a citizen. Then I was a bitter clinger. Now I am what I am. Just because....
Just because...
Just because...

P.S. Glad you read The Declaration of Independence. It's to be read. Over and over again. By everyone. Then everyone can be, ipso facto, a rightwingterrorist. By .gov definition.



There's a whole lot more than just troops being housed amongst us.

The whole list of grievances is basically why I posted that.

Once again, read it over.
Then again, and again.
Makes more sense every single time.

Rollie Taylor

Brings to mind an occasion when i left a tavern in selah(next to yakima) and saw armed soldiers on every street corner! It left me very unnerved . I later learned the excuse for this was the presence of a large cash payroll for troops in town for maneuvers. It may have seemed like a good idea to the people in charge but it left me with a whole lot less trust in them.

john jay


the whole thing w/ "jade helm" is "get used to it."

just "get used to it."


p.s. time to get the duck boat patched up, and the oar lock fixed.


"provocation works like this.-- if you respond, then the provocateur uses it as an excuse to exert greater force and provocation upon you, .... , say, for example, martial law. if you do not respond, then the provocateur is embolden to carry forward with greater provocations, until he receives the response he is looking for, or, until he has achieved his ultimate goal,"

strikes a chord - Sheriff in Florida college town......
Florida Police Are Using Military APC to Pull People Over In Gainesville



Great googly moogly!
I really didn't need to see that video.

Provocation indeed.

john jay

sDee, right wing:

silly bastards. camo & battle packs. looks like a humvee of some sort, and not an apc, but, they just look like sorry silly bastards to me.

must have a lot of terrorist drivers in that county, eh?




Pathetic maybe, but I'm sure it's intimidating.

Sort of like the very first time when I was pulled over when I was 16 for accidentally making an illegal left hand turn and got a gun stuck in my face. For what reason to this day I'm not quite sure, except that I'm certain the cop liked it.

That was back in the 80's, and I know it's become worse since.

john jay

right wing:

sorta reminds a person as to why it is so important that the "gubments" are not the only ones that should have guns.

totalitarians don't dislike guns, nor do they find them distasteful.

what they find repugnant is the thought that they are not the only ones to have them. at their service. to push others around.

an armed populace, with sufficient resolve, does not get pushed around.

simple as that.


p.s. watching the alamo, w/ john wayne. a fun movie, is a bit "stretched" in historical terms.

but, it makes several points fairly well.

buy guns, my friend. stay thirsty.


The .mil, (and this goes for the rest of the clowns running things right now who think they are special), can do whatever they want until free men learn how to do whatever they want.
Then it is a plurality no government organ or tyrant can deny.
Thing is those in government have no trouble being illegitimate by whatever means they decide suits their goals. What they don't recognize is that is a two way street, motherfucker.

john jay

mt. top:

succinctly put.

and, quite true. for a while after the "collapse"*** of the soviet union, russia was run just as much by organized crime as by the russian govt. right now, there is not much difference between them.

the left does not fear guns. they love guns. especially when they can gang up on some poor unarmed bastard in basements, and the like.

what they fear is guns in the hands of others who can pose a legitimate threat to their power.

buy guns. buy ammo. store them. shoot any hapless bastard who shows up on your porch saying he wants any of it. right smack between his or her sorry eyes.

john jay

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