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April 20, 2015


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Every time i go through the airport TSA line, as I did last week, and see everyone position their arms in that submitted helpless-looking arms-overhead position for the imager, I still think how incredibly fascist the image looks. No one feels like a free man doing that. And I reflect that "they" could - once this has been "normaled" as a behavior (as it has) - get us to "go along" with the same actions in a much more malign context, simply because we have done it before repeatedly with acceptance. It's now in Americans' "inventory" of things one can do.

That could be an initial stage, and also having been a test to see how how such a thing "takes." Test result: after a little grumbling, it took fine. We're cooperative folks.

Though every time, I mentally recoil against that weird concentration camp line leading up to the hands-up inspection of each slave, I cooperate every time. I just want to get through and board my flight. If this escalation is gradual and slow enough, I suppose I could just keep clencing my teeth while cooperating, like nearly everyone.



Exactly so.
You've no idea how hard it is as a father to teach his children to think otherwise.
They've so much nonsense drilled into their heads it's not funny. I fret for their generation, they'll never know what hit them. Hell, more than anything I hope the powers that be hit us now so my kids will never really know what "should" have been.
A short minded man will only instruct them to aim small, miss small. There's so much more to teach them.
Especially so if they're girls.


Remember those totalitarians?


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