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April 01, 2015


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Looking forward to it. I find your perspective very worth while. Actually, it's more about the attitude.

Paul Albers

Take care of that gout. It can lead to other problems.
I can vouch for that.


I have it in my big toe and shoulder. Id rather get my teeth pulled without Novocain. Finally stopped being a stubborn idiot, went to the Doc. He asked what was the matter, I said it hurts when I raise my shoulder and arm up like this. He said don't lift your arm like that, won't hurt. Ya your a real Wisenhiemer, thanks for the advice. He then said, get urself some black cherry juice. Drink a glass a day for a week, then a few glasses a week, when your gout begins to fade, a glass a week or a couple time a month does the trick. Knudsons is the brand I get in WV. Great stuff. Guess it has something in it which boosts your bodies ability to dissolve uric acid crystals. Works like a charm. Might get a flare of it couple times a year. I just swill a couple big ole glasses, its gone in a few days. Welches has a black cherry/red grape juice, comes in a half gallon jug, makes a toothsome summer beverage with ginger ale on ice.
I'm not joshing about the cherry juice, that stuff puts a hurt on gout. 6 years now, no gout.


Cause they are all psychopathic blood thirsty fucking fascists at heart.
The western ones covet the open wonton violent abandon of liquidating its enemies the islamic types employ.
Statist/progressive ideology is islamic ideology dressed in sheep's clothing. For now. Look at the narratives, the style of attacks against the threats to the left today, you see the underpinnings of the construct that makes the religion of peace nothing to do with a religion, it is fascism dressed in another type of she eps clothing.
Its violent shakedown totalitarianism with the final solution writ large.

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