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March 11, 2015


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his legal and political opinion? hillary's "private server" was illegal, illegal and a little more illegal, under the freedom of information act and under the official documents act. period. end of discussion.

end of hillary? let us hope.

Does not matter. If anyone had read the zero's two books dictated and transcribed by Ayers he would have never been elected the first time, the second I believe was due to massive voter fraud The MSM was complicit in this and will be complicit with Hillary.
We, the voters, will be given the choice between Hillary and Jeb. People will go to the polls, and it won't matter. The choice has already been made for us.
I cannot say I eagerly await the decision foisted upon the once great country.


This kind of revelations of the truth of the ruling class don't happen in vacuum, nor does the legacy media publish the truth of how crooked and felonious they are without orders from the ruling regime.
Somebody is out to get the Clinton syphilitic dynasty out of the way so they can install their favored regime in the white house after the won leaves, if he leaves, or doesn't create a reason for declaring Marshal Law, or all the above as these psychopaths always have multiple plans in place.
I'm betting the next anointed red diaper psychopath slated to rule is Pocahontas herself.
It is funny how transparent these clowns are. The pants suit and her husband have got to be seething. Doesn't everyone know they are the self appointed dynasty who will rule over us next?
The theater of these self appointed dicktaters is about to ratchet up a few notches. No way after greasing all those palms for obama is ole cum stain going to let this crap slide.
Wonder what "revelations" will suddenly be "discovered" about various obamunists?

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