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February 01, 2015


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I wish I held the facts and conviction to argue with you JohnJay. I do not. The events match the pattern and I've no facts to accept the media narrative.

Thugs need a beast on a leash. Thousands of years of the history of tyrannies bears out that they are built on fear among the citizenry.

This "war on terror" is a case in point. War is between the governments of nations. I ask myself where these "rogue terrorists", and armies like ISIS, get supplies, logistics, funding, banking, transportation, bases, protection and arms. A government that knows where we drove for lunch yesterday, cannot find the nations and banks providing all this to the globalists' jackals? I doubt that.

The State Media and State Schools have ensured we churn out millions of minds of natural slaves, to cheer on the tyrants.

What fools would we have been to stand and let Congress declare war on Kamikazes rather than on Japan?

I believe Founders knew the history of tyrants well and built a Constitutional Republic to stave it off. The Statists and Globlists have the blueprints for individual liberty. So how hard is it for these tyrants dismantle the Constitution and Bill of Rights, one piece at a time, from within? They have ensured themselves a majority of useful idiots and natural slaves who will happily forge their own chains.

john jay


i could not agree w/ you more.

the muslim/arab/middle easter terrorists serve the purposes of the western states very well.

they could be destroyed in a moment. that they are not is quite significant, and it reflects just who the terrorists serve.

thanks for dropping by sDee, and thanks for the note.


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