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August 27, 2014


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Hear, Hear!

My sentiments exactly, sir.

The rotten bastards (by which I mean the GOP) do not wish to win, but simply to make a bit of noise, raise a lot of money, and get re-elected so that they can continue to dine at $500/plate restaurants and clink crystal glasses with their buddies "on the other side of the isle" while the rest of the country burns around them.

They don't give two shits about you, me, or the republic.

All they care about is being taken care of in the fashion that they've become accustomed to, and maybe diddling the odd intern on the side.

EVERYTHING else is just a means to that end.

They will say and do whatever it takes to continue their stint on the gravy train.

As a wise man once said, "Fuck them all in the ear, with a borrowed dick."

I never happened to inquire as to how one goes about borrowing such a thing, but the right sentiment is conveyed none the less.

Boon Vickerson is out there

There is the greatest vote of all, withdraw consent. And of course, when republican form of government becomes tyranny, the armed citizen still gets to vote. So if anything Mr. Jay, there really is no voting our way out of this via the ballet box, the bastards have no intensions to allow that to happen.

Become manifest, withdraw consent. It is the greatest singular message you can send. All of them, from the lowest to the highest, require consent to sustain the illusion of legitimacy. It is not your money the dead elephants want, they have more money than they can possibly use, nope it is your consent they require.
You just became powerful beyond anything my friend. The sumbitch's lost power the moment you withdrew consent. And every time another person withdraws consent, the balance of power shifts in favor of we the people. Then one day it becomes a cascade preference, then it becomes a plurality, and it is that plurality that wins. Nothing can stand it its way. Remember, we have guns.


I used to say the the democrats shout "lets enslave the people to the state." The republicans shout "lets enslave the people to the corporation."

Anymore in this crazed world there is no difference.

Sick of political kabuki theater wherein they're all good friends just across the aisle.

At a bare minimum, at least democrats are open about destroying the country.

john jay

boon vickerson/right wing terrorist:

yes, yes and yes.

and, yes, i think it comes to a fight. not long from now.

john jay

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