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March 07, 2014


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john jay

note to readers:

of course, none of this is inexplicable if you follow the line that obama is a russian plant, in the first place.

i personally think he has been in the employ of the rooskies since his trip to pakistan when in college.

his "cousin" raili o'dinga is. o'dinga's father was.
obama's father obama senior was. (if you believe that that was who his dad was, which i don't.)

that whole bunch in kenya have been life long communists, and life long soviet agents, since their days of being educated in the soviet union.

just a thought.

john jay

john jay

p.s. and, if you don't know who the obama's and o'dinga's of kenya are, then you simply haven't been paying attention.

and, you really ought to, you know.

as samuel adams said, "may the chains sit lightly upon your shoulders."

and, you ought not to have read that for the first time in your lives, either.


JJ -
"this, from an enlisted man, because obviously too smart and too keen an edge to be an officer."

It is not often that I take exception to your remarks. As I get older, I find my skin getting thinner and BS Meter lowering its tolerance to mindless criticism as is the case here. You’ve both hurt my feelings and insulted my service record. I have found that using generalized, derogatory statements return to bite us in the ass. Shame on you, not all Officers are incompetent; most of us are reasonable, humble, intelligent, educated, articulate, possess the courage to lead a bayonet charge from the front of the formation, and ruggedly good looking while wearing a Blue Star Sapphire Ring (purchased in Bankock) and a gold Rolex watch (purchased in Hong Kong).
At this moment, I am exercised enough (in a bad way) to bite the head of a “Bouncing Betty.” I don’t know if you recall any of our earlier exchanges, so, my intent here is to remind you of a few of those notes.

I began my military as a military brat (my dad was career Air Force Enlisted and flew in P-61 Black Widow’s, B- 29’s, B-36’s, and, finally, B-52’s. I was drafted in the middle of a college semester at the University of Texas. My Student Deferral was sent to the wrong Draft Office (Local #13, Springfield, OH). Long story short, LB#13 declined to correct the mistake and responded with a “TFB, you are being called for duty,” so, I went.
I had been a member of ROTC and pre qualified for entry in Naval Flight Training (I actually wanted to be a jet fighter pilot) – the old “No Fear” bravado syndrome of youth. But, “Nooooo!!” I was destined for the Army. Luckily for me, my ROTC membership and high Army Qualification Test scores, I was offered OCS, Language Training, or Army Aviation Training. My heart was in flying, I chose Army Warrant Officer Rotary Wing Course. I was first in my class to solo but was threatened on more than one occasion with elimination from the program because on my attitude, it seems I wasn’t intimidated enough to suit my superiors. I’m still not. I graduated in early ’68 earning my silver junior birdman Army Aviator Wings and received orders to report for assignment in RVN Feb, ’68 (in the middle of Bad TET).
I was assigned to an Assault Helicopter Company in direct support of the 173rd Air Born BDE in north Binh Din Province, northern II Corps (Uncle Ho Chi Minh’s birth place and not friendly to “Round Eyes”) and Special Forces operations (on both sides of the border). Was offered a Direct Commission (partly due to my adventures in Vietnam and places “we never were”, mostly (I suspect) to my general attitude with the command structure). I declined, I had already been a WO1, why take a step backwards? They confirmed that I had an attitude problem and informed me that, “If I survived to get back home, they might consider another DC appointment.” I did, and they did but not for 2LT. I accepted a Direct Commission to 1LT, Infantry 11 Dec, ‘70 at Ft. Wolters, TX (I have served as and worn the branch collar brass as an Infantry Officer, Armor Officer, Cav Officer, and General Staff Officer (on three occassions)). So now, I had served in the military ranks as an Enlisted Swine (I earned the right to use the term, so I don't want any remarks from any reader), as a mysterious rank of Warrant Officer ((WO1 and CW2) most Enlisted or Commissioned Officers don’t know whether to “shit or wind their watch” when confronting one), and an RLO (Real Live Officer). I returned for a second tour to RVN as an Infantry Captain in Sept , ’71 assigned to an Aviation BN as Asst. 3 and then to MACV, J3, Spec. Ops (my entry into Black Ops).
So now, I have claimed two combat tours in Vietnam. After which was unceremoniously thrown out of the Army (probably due to my attitude, but the excuse was that I hadn’t completed my college degree (since, I have completed a BS, Computer Science, MS, Military History and MA, International Affairs degrees, Basic Infantry Officer Officer’s, Advanced Infantry Officer’ Courses, Advanced Armor Officer’s Course, Command and General Staff College, and the Army War College, plus numerous aviation transitions and special weapons and technical training coursed)). I joined the Army National Guard, D TRP, 1/124 CAV, 49 AD, TX and ended up Commanding the Attack Troop, 167th Armored Cav Regiment in WA and ultimately leading the SAR efforts with the Mt. St. Hellens’ Volcano Eruption. Subsequently, war recalled to Active duty at the Pentagon, where I remained trapped until opportunities presented themselves to participate in “Operation Just Cause” (probably due to Black Ops history), “Operation Desert Storm,” and the beginning of Afghanistan. I fell off a mountain in Tajikistan and broke the left femoral neck of my thigh. Was returned to duty at HQ, III Corps, Ft. Hood, TX as Senior RC Coordinator for Joint Training. During this assignment, I was detailed as the J3 for JF 160, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. During this assignment, I became ill and medi-vaced back to Ft. Hood and sent for diagnosis to 5th Army, San Antonio and Walter Reed, WA, D.C. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and retired. Was medically retired as a Brigadier General, (not bad for an “Enlisted Swine”. Since retirement, I have been asked to serve other duties at the pleasure of “W” and DoD/DA here within our borders.
I want it known that at no time or at any rank in the Army, did I ever order anyone into harm’s way unless I was at the front of the pack or willing to perform the mission myself. After 31 years of total service, I consider myself to be a blooded warrior (3 Purple Heats and numerous valor and service “Atta Boy” badges support this statement). If you would like, I will send you a copy of my DD-214 Retirement Form that documents service history and awards and decorations. I don’t expect an apology but a simple offer to kiss my blue sapphire Army Aviator’s ring would be appreciated. But don’t ever directly or otherwise associate me with the group of nose picking “Ring Knockers” again.


P.F.S. I don't care how well written or salient the Enlisted Swine's (no offense to you, Snuffy) article is, I won't read it until this first matter is settled.

john jay


your observations are noted.

no apology forthcoming. the comment was not directed to you, or to your generation, or to the armed services your served in.

things change. this army is not your army.

the remark was not insulting. for you to take it personally is being a bit hyper-sensitive.

again, no apology is forthcoming, and your position is noted.


p.s. "enlisted swine?" you use enlisted swine, yet i cannot poke fun at officers? your position is not reconcilable. simple as that.

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