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February 10, 2013


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There's more of us than them, they'll realize that eventually.


Even the SC has ruled that the police are under no obligation to protect Citizens.



JJ -
By Jove, you've got it! The best defense has always been a fast and violent offense. Dorner's tactics demonstrate the basic tenets of asymmetric (guerilla) warfare in classic fashion. To conduct a successful campaign, one must be single-minded, ruthless, blend-in the surroundings, and fade into the woodwork after each engagement. These tactics can be used over and over with the same results. The reasons for initiating a guerilla war are as varried as the patterns of a snowflake. My point is the tenets of this type of war remain only a means to an effective end. As you clearly note, waiting to be backed into a defensive posture nullifies any advantages one must have when fighting numerically superior forces. The question remains what will be the trip-wire that sets it all this in motion.

john jay


that is the key question.

but, when things starts, then it is to the attack.

no other way lies open to us then.


john jay


now, be mindful, if and when we take the offensive against police, fbi, atf and homeland "security," even at the advantage we will take some casualties.

such is war, as the french say.

but, just brazen attack will carry the day.

just choose your spots.

darkness and stealth are your friends.

and, remember, the fish swim in the sea, as mao said. or, something along that line. whatever in the hell he meant by that. laughing. (if your neighbors approve, seek succor and shelter from them. if they are hesitant, it is best they simply don't know, so, don't you be blabbing to them. kapish?)

just remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch. and, certainly no such thing, when it comes to protecting your liberty.

but, take them a few at a time, relentlessly. press the attack. and, if they figure out who you are, have a nice welcome laid out for them, when they come.



JJ -
You're right, the cloak of invisibility remains one's best friend. This will be a war of attrition, choose targets that best compliment the environment when ever possible. There is no hurry with target engagements, they will become careless with time making them all the more vulnerable. Time is on the agressor's side; attacks do not have to be conducted non-stop or every time a target is presented. The end effect will cause more worry than anger. Always know that a target that is too good to be true is most likely a trap.

Conduct your map recons in the light of day (being a gray/white haired Arch Old Bastard has its advantages of being mostly not seen by the public (unless wearing a clown's clothes)) and document them well - a good map with preplanned egress routes are invaluable during hours of limited visibility. When an assault has been mapped, planned, rehersed, and executed, destroy all pieces of evidence and be like Br'er Rabbit and lay low (learn about the concept of safe houses). Once the idea of these proddings catch on, others will follow the model and further take the "heat off" earlier warriors. Let the wave take over the revolt; there is a multitude of targets at almost all levels of the opposition. Take no prisoners ever and never booby trap your house, unless the plan is to remove the whole neighborhood in the first miliseconds of a huge explosion. Acetalene and oxygen along with methane in the sewer systems will work well to this end - they are heavy gases and tend to hang in low areas.

More later.

john jay


my dad was a blacksmith and a welder by trade. nuff said.

and, you are right about being an old poop. you are just about invisible, especially if you hair is not "coiffed" and your cuffs are a bit frayed.

just, ... , "harmless." laughing.


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