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February 13, 2013


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Uncle Russ

Bravo, well said. Starts a whole new thought process!


JJ -
Dorner's example pretty much corroberates our earlier thoughts. It validates the asymmetric model. I reckon that some would insist that Dorner was a fatalist and insane. Perhaps that may be so, but the fact remains that the revolt model is valid and relatively risk-free when the original intent continues to be followed. It also may be extrapolated that there is little room for the squeemish or weak-hearted, as with any type of warfare, it is an ugly affair and people die in the prosecution of it. The bottom line is, if one doesn't have the stomach to do what comes with the job to see it through to the end, don't try to "walk the walk."

john jay

uncle russ:

welcome aboard.

john jay

john jay


yes. precisely. on all points.

john jay

marc in calgary

It's unfortunate, and predictable, that the MSM wouldn't publish his entire manifesto without editing almost 50% out. It would have been more helpful, although unexpected, if they'd highlighted with one of those high school yellow markers, his adoration, love, and respect for all those I / we despise.

A trial would've be good, if there was a functioning media that would report this. Without a functioning media, who cares what's in his manifesto? or whom he rages about during said non-existant trial.

As you've said here jj, "this is a sobering event" ... for the authorities. Perhaps for some of us as well.

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