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February 12, 2013


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JJ -
Another perspective is, "Old age and treachery overcomes youth and enthusium or dogma." Or play your cards close to your chest, the less you reveal of your intent, the more likely you will survive.

conrad carter

The truth regarding Hamilton is in my belief is a little bit different. Hamilton is one of the untold personal tragedies of American History. Hamilton was Washington's right hand man, first Sec of the Treasury the power behind the throne; it was Hamilton who founded the hated Central Bank. Hamilton is perhaps the unheralded savior of our early democracy; he ran the economy and made many wise decisions that keep the new nation from going under. Washington, despite his talents as Commander of the Continental Army was not prepared to lead a new nation, Hamilton was. Hamilton's nemesis was Jefferson. Jefferson (the real first Republican President) was for a weak central government and strong states, he favored a nation of small farms with small towns filled with well-trained craftsmen. Hamilton wanted the opposite in all things of Jefferson. Hamilton wrote most of the Federalist Papers and was not happy with the Articles of Confederation because they did not give the Federal Government enough power; he was the driving force behind the Constitution. Hamilton was not born in the US and therefore could not run for President. However, he did his best to push his beliefs and to defeat Jefferson until a couple of things happened.

1. Hamilton had been set up by married couple. The wife had an affair with Hamilton and then she and her husband attempted to blackmail him. Hamilton did what he had to do and went public with the affair. The couple was arrested for their blackmail attempt but Hamilton's political career was dead as least as far as national office was concerned however, he still had a lot of influence in particular in his home state of NY, but had to resign his office. The affair had an expected negative effect on his marriage, since his wife refused to reconcile with him.

2. Hamilton put his support in NY behind Jefferson when the election of 1800 was split between Jefferson and his running mate Aaron Burr. Back then a VP candidate could get votes in the congress for President. The Congress had voted a number of times each time splitting between Jefferson and Burr. Hamilton recognized Burr for what he was and despite his disagreements in vision for the country with Jefferson, he believed that Jefferson was the better man and would be better for the country. Jefferson won and Burr never forgave Hamilton who had said some very strong things about Burr and whose enfluence in NY gave Jefferson the Presidency.

3. Hamilton's son was killed in duel. His son was defending the honor of his father who had been smeared due to his affair and his resignation from office. His son died in the arms of his sister who never fully recovered from the death of her brother and was drive mad with her grief.

4. Hamilton as noted did not believe in duels however, he accepted Burr's challenge. He met Burr on the exact same location where his son had died one year to the day of his son's duel. Burr's political life was over, he had destroyed his marriage, his son was dead defending his honor, his daughter driven to madness and he had been forced to support the man who was his political nemesis. It is reported that Hamilton never fired his pistol, it is my belief that he went there to commit suicide.

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