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February 08, 2013


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It could also be argued that the Founding Fathers would label most elected officials as frauds, based on the last 100 years of "legislation" which has debased all that was accomplished to secure Liberty. I'd also suggest that the anti-Federalist papers are just as important for understanding the FF perspective as to placing limitations on government influence over Citizens. But practical thinking is passe now, most people would rather be told how to live, so they could go back to watching their favorite "reality" show.

john jay


in some sense the bill of rights have always been susceptible to the criticism that they are "parchment protections."

this the founders knew.

all understood that resort to arms would be necessary in the face of faction or a powerful man seeking to usurp the rights and liberties of individuals, and that only arms could adequately resist the imposition of tyranny.

we are to that point.

as rod says in his comment to another post, we are at "the tripping point."

if obama, feinstein, reid keep pushing, there is no alternative except to have the matter tried by god, the ultimate magistrate.

in essence, trial by combat.

i have no embarrassment advocating that very thing.

if that sort of thinking was good enough for john locke, sir william blackstone, jay, madison, hamilton, washington, jefferson and a host of other worthies among our founding fathers, it is entirely suitable and good enough for the likes of me.

i feel very comfortable bulwarked by their thinking, and by their example as they acted in the real world.

john jay

john jay

p.s. "praise the lord, and pass the ammunition."

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