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February 04, 2013


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JJ -
Interesting project as you continue to progress into the fielding and pre-commercial stages. Hope it goes well for your endeavor. Have you given much thought to the cost to your customers? Have done business with Brownell's since the early 90's, they sell parts and new stuff (they might be interested in your package)

I think this is a good thing you do with focusing on something less stressful than researching topics for the BLOG. It is certainly more fun for the old boy and protects him from becoming a dull one.

I have been busy fighting boredom by playing with some of my toys. Have added new furniture to my M4 and M-14. Changed out the magazine release to one that has release capabilities from either side and added a magwell grip to the M4 and replaced the bolt release and mag release with extended versions (easier to find without looking) for the M-14 (standard mods for military sniper versions - who am I to question success?). Have also received parts to complete legal conversion of Post-ban AK-47 (had already changed out much of the internals with US made parts) from the 10 round to 30 + magazines for my foster son's post-ban AK. While the AK is a well engineered system, I have been shot at too many times to lowere myself by owning one. More later, keep up the good work.

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