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January 10, 2013


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I found your site a couple of days ago (from WesternRifleShooters). It (and your writing/thinking) is a new favorite especially after I read the "exchange" you had about "killing family & friends who 'disagree politically'" with a very persistent commenter. I have been obsessively making primarily Pro-Freedom graphic-designs and would love for you to use any here, as you see fit. Find them at my WordPress site: patricestanton.com

I must confess: I LOVE uppercase letters.

john jay


i kind of miss the visitors from little green footballs and daily kos.

whenever i have any concerns about error in my world view, a little refresher course in their thinking removes it very quickly, and very thoroughly.

we are, you & i & our friends, absolutely right on just about everything, and they are dumb as stumps. laughing.

i will visit your site, and look thins over, but, please don't be unpleasantly surprised if i remain my grumpy old fart self.

i like graphics. but, nothing says something with the precision of writing, and nothing provokes thought like writing.

i guess you could say that i am a bit old fashioned, maybe to the point of being a fuddy duddy. but, hey, it is who i am.

i must also confess. i like lower case letters, and, ironically enough since you and i are talking graphics, i prefer them for their graphic ease, and the fact that lower case letters don't get in the way of the content.

i think caps just confuse.

and, all upper case, ... , well, my first mentor in the law, over 35 years ago, said of another lawyer, "don't trust him, he uses uppercase letter and exclamation marks."

you can put the boy in italian shoes, but, you cannot take the fuddy duddy out of him.

kind of like "inprinting" ducklings, i suppose.

thanks for coming by, thanks for the read, and thank you very much for the offer to help out.

i know all print looks a little dull, but, that is what i want people to attend to.

i will drop by your site.

john jay

john jay

patrice, a/k/a id=1620759908:

i love the water color at the masthead, and i liked the diane feinstein poster.

it's you, and you commincate very well with it.

but, i think that i'll just keep plodding along in my own little backwards way, and see if i can do any good that way.

you watch old "startrek" re-runs? you remember when the captain got cross threaded w/ starfleet, and they had him up on charges/court marshal.

remember the lawyer he got to defend him. that lovely character actor, a little guy, bald head, bumbling, that soft high voice.

everybody else had their computers. and, he had a giant old briefcase, with all the old law cases in the dusty leather bound books? and, he was always pawing through them, looking for this obscure holding and that learned discourse?

kirk ashed him why. and he just said something to the effect, i like the books.

i am just sort of like that.

do come by, again, please. i will visit your shoppe from time to time, and we can visit.



JJ -
Check out this web site for AR billet receiver blanks and affordable tools - http://www.ar-15-parts.com/AR15_Receivers.htm

But don't keep both tools and blanks together without ATF Manufacturer's license or a way of not drawing attention while producing the lower receiver.

john jay


actually saw a youtube film showing the use of the fixtures, which is the biggest deal.


still need a big lump of al u minium. i think the raw forging is pretty cheap, but, if you want the bolt stop and mag release on the receiver you are going to have to machine those.

and, i don't have a vertical mill nor an anodizing tank, nor the chemicals.

not an easy deal.

but, very interesting. and, i should think, were you not careful, you'd chew up those fixtures pretty quickly.

sort of like the old poloroids. they'd give you the camera for free, to be able to sell you the film. that's where the money was.


john jay

p.s. i like the idea of an ar-15 lower stamping, and an upper made from seamless tubing.

wouldn't be too hard, i should not think. and, given the function of the barrel extensiion, and the strength of the tubing, you would have no need for a trunnion.



Mr: Jay...thanks for the kind words. I figured it would be a long shot as yes, I noticed you already used no graphics. Words are beautiful all on their own oftentimes, here for sure.

Don't know that particular StarTrek episode but am confident my husband would know the title, first air-date, the obscure character actor's name, and the stardate of the hearing if not the actual trial. Smiling. (I'm old-fashioned in many ways, too: pencil & pen on paper, then ye old flatbed scanner. Am fighting the urge to buy a real typewriter as Royal(R) still makes the manual kind.)

Alas "people" don't seem to take the time for drawn-out discussions much and in many ways as you are preaching-to-the-choir here I thought a pithy graphic might cut through the fog of non-likeminded drop-ins. Anyway, in your honor and as I love Thomas Paine, the poster I add today is signed "by him."

p.s. I also really like quotation marks and hyphens. Perhaps I should consult a professional in the matter. Smiling.

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