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January 11, 2013


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JJ -
Gave this some thought and offer this in reply.

First they came for our healthcare, and we did not speak out for we was not sick.

Then they came for our wealth, and we did not speak out for we are not wealthy.

Next they came for our religion, and we did not speak out for we are not overly religious.

When they came for the rest of our freedoms, we spoke out but they did not listen.

Finally they came for our guns, and we shot them fucking stone cold dead.

john jay


just laughing and grinning.



Guns for me, not for thee.


john jay


your graphic, referenced above in your letter, is linked at http://wintersoldier2008.typepad.com/summer_patriot_winter_sol/2013/01/senator-diane-feinstein-i-carry-a-concealed-weapon-but-you-cannot-have-a-firearm.html .

i don't know if anyone is coming by there anymore, but, you are linked.

i will try to do so more often.


p.s. what is your policy on just copying stuff from your blog?

o.k., i am assuming, with proper attribution?


JJ -
Not to beat a dead horse, check out the article at http://dcclothesline.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/if-they-come-for-your-guns-do-you-have-a-responsibility-to-fight/

Titled: If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight?

Posted on January 3, 2013 by Dean Garrison

john jay


perused, then read thoroughly, and linked previously at this blog. a very very good post. --

in reference to the article at dc clotheline.

take a look at the post, at this blog, indexing those articles of interest on the "insurrection" angle.

several others are very good, and several have very complete articles discussing the thinking and writing going on, right now.



JJ -
You were right-headed to advise me to revisit the BLOG. I did and left a few comments to their posts. I find myself taxed with keeping up with an almost unlimited of relevant reading. Thanksa lot!


JJ -
One of my posts to the DC Closeline:

Citizen Patriot says:

January 16, 2013 at 11:01 pm

Dean, I am a new reader to your BLOG. Even so, I have to tell you that your articles are among the most succinct and clear of any I’ve found. Your honesty to expose the corruption and greed of our elected and appointed officials is exactly the information that needs to be made available to all American citizens. It labels the spade as a shovel, as it should be. There is no racial overtone meant here, I am simply being honest.

I will, also, state that I am a retired Army Officer of 31 years service with combat experience in Vietnam, Panama, Kuwait, and the early stages of Afghanistan – I am a loyal patriot and find it hateful to witness what is happening to our nation. I am weary of the word-games, deceit and lies coming out of Washington, D.C.. I find it intollerable to allow it to continure unchallenged. My comments here are not just reserved in response for the people of West (by God) Virginia. I believe we have all been sold out by our elected officials. I am not a violent person by nature, even though I have visited great and deadly violence on many foreign enemies of our nation. I don’t think that I stand alone in making this statement, there is a brotherhood of warriors most of whom think and say the same. It is very close to visiting great violence and harm to our domestic enemies. Once the crap hits the fan, quick and violent is a saying among fellow warriors of how it will unfold.

The clock is ticking and soon to run out on the entrenched power over-lords who have forsaken their oath of office in favor for power and wealth (it matters not that the cost was their souls, integrity, and humanity). In your recent article regarding our responsibility to engage tyranny with overwhelming violence, I (in my lowly, humble opinion), am fast arriving at a cross-road where one of two options remain for Americans to choose. We can do nothing, or we can stand at the greens of Concord and bridges of Lexington and raise our firearms in anger once again at the corrupt governance now in power. I can only hope that the coming sacrifices to those who chose to lite the fuse of another great struggle for liberty is supported and appreciated by those who lack the courage of their convictions to stand against an intollerable, opressive government. I hope once the trip-wire of events that set this looming rebellion in motion will quickly spread among the rank and file of ordinary citizens.

My comments are not intended to be empty statements of an old soldier, they are intended to draw a finla line in the sand.

God help us as the inevitible come to fruition.

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