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January 13, 2013


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JJ -
Proper perspective? I think you have the proper perspective with all current situations confronting you. Tighty whities, real patriots don't wear underwear (longies don't count as underwear, they are part and parcel to layering to avoid freezing one's doo-dads off) in the summer time. Back on topic, understanding and accepting the limits of what an individual can do. If it were not for my military retirement, I would be in the same funk.

Please remember an earlier statement, one does not win a war by dieing for his country, it is won my making the other poor bastard die for his side (I appologize for bastardizing Patton's axiom, I believe the same would be true for the coming civil war). Don't waste your loaded magazine.

On another thought, I will return to the DC BLOG and read those posts. What occurs to me is that the rudimentary linkages for like minded thinkers (both close-in and far-away) is already exists through these sites and await only being tapped. I do agree with your earlier musings that, first, trust no one you have not known for ages. What I believe, though, is as the trip-wires set events in motion, initial contact and unification efforts will come through these sources. Your thoughts?


Appologies, a complete thought for a change. Understanding and acepting limits is the mark of a well-grounded individual. It correlates with the old idion, "Lord, grant me the courage to change those things that I can and the wisdom to know those things which I can't."

john jay


at first, family and long term friends. it is just a matter of caution, and physical proximity.

and, history.

as things spread, there will be the need for larger groups to organize, and function.

i really don't see any way more efficient to organize, than what you suggest.

time to do it, ... , pretty quickly.

how did we communicate in the old days, before the net. oh, yeah, telephone and mail. i remember it now.

yes, we will organize along the lines you suggest. one of the reasons i put the post up, with the links. time to get to know each other, lots better.


p.s. the trouble is, of course, that obambi & minions will take it all down, or infiltrate it, ... , lots of false front organizations.

i don't know of any good espionage manuals lying around. too bad the c.i.a. turned me down, i cudda used the experience.

john jay

p.s. these a-sim things, pretty messy.

in the end, you just do it, with casualties along the way.

any conflict by attrition, going to be losses both sides.

cost of doing business.

you know of any good manuals/books on how to build cells into larger organizations? laughing.

without sticking your foot into things, from time to time. seems even the pros get whacked from time to time, this kind of shit.


JJ -
Actually, there are a number of FM's that deal with building and operating clandestine and guerilla groups (grinning). Are you still using the E-mail address that David Selbourne, you, and I used for private conversations? I have attempted contact on previous occassions with no response.


P.S. We communicated in the old days with runners, and notes, and tom-toms.

john jay


i've gone google.

i hestitate to publish it, cuz every now and agin the lizards and daily kos go after my tired old ass, and they just gum the works up.

we need to figure out a way to talk directly.


p.s. went to my daughters, used the computer at the "club house" of the apt's she was in, and someone borrowed my hotmail account. all the addresses and such, gone.

pain in the butt. now when i go somewhere, i just go without emailing.

john jay

p.s. can you give me the fm no.'s?

or, i can go to security matters, and find them.

not a bad thing to do a post on. jjjay

GM Roper

Great post and great comments j.j.


JJ -
I fished out my disks of my FMs, TMs, and TBs. I need to go through them to find those files which reference C&C and Special OPS. Will get you a list as soon as I can get the files open.


JJ -
The following list is of current FMs and TMs:

Go to the FM 3 - 05 series to get started.

My personal disk has a problem but these may even be more current than my references.

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