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January 02, 2013


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JJ -
Congratulations. Remember earlier comments regarding blips on the radar screen. I hear you, "A man's gotta do what a mah's gotta do." Beware the Ides of March.


P.S. With your new, lofty status along side Spencer, you won't have time to spend with us, poor grunt types.

john jay



there are the big guys.

and, then, the rest of us.

if one of us gets some traffic, or a couple links, then we pop up, only to sink down into the roiling pot with everybody else, once more.

i am firmly entrenched with the little blogs, and like it that way.

you know what i am doing about the troubles of the world this day?

well, i am gonna go down to "a wee bit o' heather's" for breakfast with the guys. and, then, i am gonna think about and watch the oregon duck play kansas state in the bcs bowl game.

and, that's it.

this day, i am an oregon ducks fan, and little else.


p.s. i'll always have time for "... the poor grunt types." it's who i am. just a fact of life.

john jay

p.s. re: "the ides of march."

03.16.1948, the date of my birth. pretty close to "the ides," ain't it not?

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