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January 08, 2013


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hey Jonny, where do you suppose they park these beauts??!

"Insects do not act like this."


john jay


as to the "insect," looks like the latest boeing made out of carbon fiber to me.


as to the "beauts," i am pretty certain that they don't park them right alongside the freeway two feet in from the chain link.

summers out back, as we say n.e. oregon way.



p.s. oddly enough.--

some years ago windsurfers discovered that the winds blow up the columbia gorge/columbia river, and the water flows down it. so, you can windsurf all day, and step ashore right where you go in the water.

so, they all moved to the mount hood, oregon side, or the bingen, washington side, of the columbia river gorge. one of the best windsurfing places on earth.

well, some of the layabouts and loafers among the surfers were actually pretty smart counter culture types, ... , engineers, physicists, computer geeks and the like. photographers. guys who liked to make tiny stuff.

and, some liked to fly model airplanes.

pretty soon, little airplanes and the like, radio controlled, that had aerial photography and live camera surveillance capabilities.

they all got rich.

working for the "man," making stuff to help the "man" shoot other men. some got out of it, some stayed in.

but, the point is this.

bingen, washington isn't very big. basically a state highway with some burger joints and a really good ice cream parlor, and an old railway station, right between the highway and the railroad tracks.

where else you gonna put it?

well, the drone guys bought it, or at least some of them did, so one of the most sophisticated military establishments in the united states was accessible by simply walking up a wooden porch not too far from the ice cream parlor.

just walk in the door.

just down the street from the counter culture guy making kayaks. really nice wood slat ones.

i don't know if they ever put camera's and electronic stuff in the kayaks, or not. you'd have to ask the kayak guy, i guess.

the point being, if there is a point at this point, that you gotta put everything, somewhere.

and, it is all accessible, one way or the other.


p.s. as are the people who make that sort of stuff, one way or the other.

for instance, even the people who make the iranian nuke stuff live in easily identifiable neighborhoods just down the street from the nukes.

heck's fire, you just follow the roads in the satellite photos.

not that i think the israeli's tumbled to that. laughing.

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