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January 07, 2013


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Sounds like Sun Tzu to me.

john jay

lord champ:

you damage a living creature, quite obviously enough, by interrupting blood flow and neural processes.

the same with cities, the same with societies.--

a transformer or a sub-station may not seem as glamorous a target as a big wig politician. but, big wig politicians come equipped & accompanied by security and police. the humble transformer does not, and quite a bit of mischief can be done to the average power station.

the lowly .22 long rifle can raise a little hell with the insulators on a power or telephone line.

you see what i am saying?

infrastructure is infrastructure, whether it is an artery, or an arterial.

john jay


JJ -
Infrastructure is infrastructure, except when it affects your neighborhood. Infrastructure is by definition a provider of core support elements for specific purposes. It can be for institutional, organizational, or personal needs. It has utility for convenience, it has the capacity when interrupted to become a great inconvenience to all three entities.

I think your message needs to be qualified by degree. It is one thing to bring down to a power grid or pipe line simply because it safer to attack. It is another to do so with specific focus to inconvenience the ruling junta rather than to the general populace. If the intent is to create chaos, the former is the ticket. However if the intent is to inconvenience the entrenched, it is a strategic mistake to darken the Eastern seaboard or further disrupt the traffic flow of all to do so. Pick and choose those safer targets with great care. Chaos and calculus are different animals; the former is a result, the latter a means.

I think this is what you are saying in general - why butt the dam head-on to knock it down when throwing a wrench in the turbine generator can ultimate cause the dam to fail without un necessary exposure. Or, have I missed the boat?


P.S. In the pursuit of the ruling junta, look for targets of opportunity, not just of vulnerability.

john jay


agreed and understood.

i am not discussing vandalism. i am discussing things done to bring down despotism.

their is a fundamental dictum that rules here.--

one does not shit in ones own nest. one shits in the other guys nest.

i should think that would be evident, but, i will make it clearer.

and, yes, "... why butt he dam head-on to knock it down when throwing a wrench in the turbine generator can ultimate[ly] cause the dam to fail without unnecessary exposure."

precisely. you haven't missed the boat.

the additional point, is that you survive your attacks, to attack another day.

that about sums it up.


p.s. yes. but, make sure your targets of opportunity are relatively vulnerable.

try to survive.

now, if the shits walk up to your front door, and they have the swat gear on, there really isn't much chance of being clever involved.

you just open fire, and take some of the regime's henchmen with you.

it's your moral duty to knock some of them out while you can, so that they do not live another day to do to another what they will do to you.

sometimes, you just take your place on "the great mandela" and live out your fate. but, in general, try to preserve yourself for the next day's fight.

john jay


oops. sorry.

"there is a fundamental ... ."

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