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January 21, 2013


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JJ -

Tachi-Cardia, one of the ways your body tell you to slow down and take a chill-pill or two/three pints of your favorite brewski. Stop following the news for a while - the additional aggrivation isn't worth it. Blow off the high levels of testerone by putting rounds at targets down range. Or work on JJ's 175 MM cannon round loaded into a modified .45 cal brass hull. Find a place to get small and at least, get horizontal for a couple of weeks.

We all need for you to take better care of yourself - no more standing at the open refrigerator eating a stick of butter while deciding if you'd prefer a double bacon cheese fat burger or triple liverwurst on rye with butter and large slice of onion on top. Damn, getting hungry again, gotta go for now.


I'd choose sourdough over rye, but that's my preference. lol

Rest well, John, keep exercising, you'll be needed before too long. As will a lot of us, the dance music is about to increase in tempo.

john jay


in tomorrow for placement of another stent.

should be out the day after.


john jay


move to the front, that's where the mash pit is, and that's where the action is.

i'd recommend about 650 yards distance, pretty workable from there.



JJ -
Good luck with the proceedure. Will pray for you.

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