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January 09, 2013


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JJ -
Gentle reminders are only ignored by egotists and their substrate. He wears Aramid & Kevlar clothes and thinks himself invulnerble. Even the "Beast" is touted as impenetratable as well as AF-1 as electronically invisible. Solutions = head shot of any caliber rattles the gray matter, shape charges penetrate thick tank armor and can be mimick any common object, laser and lead on take-off or landing cannot be easily be nullified. Plastic is easily and safely made, fuses and caps are easily made, hasty ambushes are easily set. But, a little patience and study, opens the underbelly of the support providers, handlers, and allies. Taking away the voice of the beast by culling the press and media pools is easily attainable. Working backwards and bottom up is relatively easy and can be done when convenient and expedient.

All these options can be done easily and have all the subtlety of a fire axe on arrogance.


P.S. Criticism of the idea is a prudent route in any planning exercise. The best defense is preparation of a good offense. If the intent is to thin the ranks of groups who come calling in the night, heavy lead slugs hit like a 7,000 pound truck - they don't really have to penetrate to transfer fatal amounts of energy. Even more effective is an laser mounted for point and click shots allows for heads up wide field of view targeting. Like you say, study the FM's and get small books.

john jay


as to the support providers, and the spooks, and the drone drivers ... everybody drives to work, everybody drives home, everybody leaves a trail if it is just looked for.

talking heads drive to the studio, the make up people and the camera guys, and even the big shot producers.

and, we know that they are physical cowards, most of them. in the middle east, they just dutifully report what their handlers tell them.

they will massage, all of them.


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