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December 31, 2012


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JJ -
The visits in the night are only part of the para-military tactics that will be used against us. There are other things that one can do in preparation for surprize visits by TacSwat teams. In addition to having ready access to your irons, there are relatively economical improvements to entry areas to slow the attack (and as you point out, this is exactly the definition of the visit). For example, replace the screws on all hinges and door locks with long and heavier mounting screws. Man'a best friend is one of the most effective alarm systems. If one is really paranoid, establish floor-to-door braces above and below door breaching targets. One can think about so many other counter-measures that they will make your head hurt. I do not recommend pre-set boobie traps, they don't care who trips them.

In the end, though, you are right, serious bodily injury and death will be final result.

The biggest advantage I see to avoid such visits is to maintain little or no presence on their radar screens. If, however, one is among those in the target rich environment, an Alamo stand is the last of two alternative plans. As George Patton stated, "No war was ever won by dieing for your country but by making the other poor bastard die for his." The second alternative is to keep all of your weapons and go-kit in another location off-site; it is better to live to fight another day (until "habeous corpus"is suspended) even if it has to be delayed with temporary confinement (no one is irreplacable, just as much as no one is expendable). Be like Br'er Rabbit and lay low as much as possible. Or like the old Infantry axiom goes, "Never intentionally try to draw enemy fire, it really pisses off your fox hole buddies. There are better ways to fix the location of your enemies."

There is so much more to discuss. More later.

Not Saying

Don't sleep in your bed / bedroom. Sleep in your attic, sleep in your crawlspace, sleep down the street or out in the woods, with a good field of fire at your residence and alarms in the residence. We have to be smarter than these clowns.

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