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December 06, 2012


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Elephants always lose the game because what is truth and what is lie, are dictated by the donkeys.

If Americans see the same on late night TV that they see on their next morning's show, it is the truth - even if the truth was different the day before.

The propaganda war has been lost - the masses have been opiated. But tyrants seem only to fear the people. They know they must work now 24hrs to maintain the illusion. Much energy must be spent on that front - perhaps that is their weak point?

Adam Robert Ryan

Here's a non-classified 1999 CIA report on Syrian chemical weapons. Syria was upgrading a program that had already existed for years. https://www.cia.gov/library/reports/archived-reports-1/jan_jun1999.html#syria

john jay


this is an interesting report.

it confirms quite a few of my points, and does not diminish my arguments, however.

mostly, it talks of pre-existing stocks of sarin gas, and pre-cursor chemical being supplied.

it does not speak of manufacturing facilities, nor of any ability to put any cw's it had into armaments, or how to deploy them.

i'll stick to my opinions, at this juncture.

but, thanks very much for the read, and thanks for the comment. much appreciated.

john jay

john jay


yes, indeed, uneasy sleeps the head of a tyrant.

one day you have power, the next day you are beset by the mob.

a very fine balancing act is required, as assad will learn.

his head will end up on a pike.


john jay

p.s. did you ever wonder why obama's minions so feared the little old grandma's and grandpa's who peopled the first "tea party" rallies?

janet napolitano just fractured me when she called them "domestic terrorists."

and, then, it dawned on me.

obama and minions fear the people. and, the only reason they would, is that they are afraid they will rise up and oppose obama's plans.

sort of makes you wonder what he has in store, doesn't it!!

well, he will do what he will do.

and, let him find out what the people will do.

just as assad will, and quacks daffily has already.



I did not wonder long john jay. It is liberty they fear.


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