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December 30, 2012


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JJ -
outstanding epistle, you display a great potential with your understanding and life-experience for serving as one of the needed commando field commanders in the coming days.

"Old dogs" unlike "young studs" have the sense to not waste energy running headlong into a dog-fight without first gaining an edge; the advantages of planning and picking and choosing the battles bring far more success versus foolishly squandering precious, finite resources in hopes of a quick victory. It has been said that a competent commander first develops his vision of the battlefields of compaign before committing to a fight. Most Americans have an abundance of bravery once they have been motivated. But courage alone is not enough if one is to direct, lead, and survive the coming battles and engagements. Wisdom and sound judgement will rise like cream in the milk. This has been the nature of true leadership throughout history.

You are dead center - mass with your thoughts regarding the visibility elitists require as much as the need oxygen, water, and food. This form of narcissim is the weak link in their armor. Escape to foreign soils can only be temporary. In today's world, there are no impenetrable fortresses. To think other wise is incredilby naive and fatal; the likes of Saddam and his ilk bare this out.

There is much more to be said on these topics. It is best to approach sharing and discussing the undertaking systematically rather than trying to understand it from the first few drinks out of the firehose. More later.

Mesa Goat Man

Just found your blog. I will be a regular reader from now on as long as you continue to post regularly. You seen to be in the same vein as Lizard Farmer.

Bill Harzia

Look at private physicians' offices close to university hospitals. Be aware that their security forces will be squared away and on the job, too.

Yank lll

What a breath of fresh air to read your blog. To actually read someone with the balls to speak honestly is liberating in itself.

Yank lll


Sam Walton may have come from a bucolic place, but Buffett's Omaha seems bucolic only to someone from the East Coast jungle. How simply he truly lives, and how much is myth, I don't know. However you are on the right track. And also each of the smaller cities here in Flyoverstan has its own upwardly aspirant elites and media gentry. Maybe a mayor or councilman who has facilitated the oppressors. Neutralizing such people would strengthen the heartland and demoralize the rulers. Rememverm that Saigon was captured by felling the village headmen.


Where are the elites? I strongly suggest purchasing Charles Murray's "Coming Apart."


Just found your blog. Love your style. I have to disagree in the respect that there are 144 deep under ground military bases connected by an underground mag lev train system. It would be naive to assume that none of these facilities will serve or rich elites. Just look at Denver airport


I do agree that some of the elites will not find a hole to crawl in. I also agree that the fight will start on the front porch of americans. I have long preached the effectiveness of long range marksmanship. I defer back to Jeff Cooper saying the battle rifle is the queen of battle. I have long believed this to be true and have sought to learn those lessons fully. Now I see my training has not been in vain.

john jay


thanks for the compliments, and the read. it is much appreciated.

as to the deep holes, it works both ways. if you cannot get in, you can always work it so that someone cannot get out.

impressive tombs.

as to long range marksmanship, i agree in all particulars. it sure beats the hell out of using teeth and nails, ... , the whole thing is to get some "stand off" on the battlefield, or, in any conflict, for that matter.


p.s. you might search the blog here for articles on "jj's brit," a little wildcat i am developing. i have a "rem-chester" test mule up and running, put together with an old remington 700 barrel a friend gave me.

shoots marvelously.

john jay

thank you all, ... , for your carefull reads, and excellent comments.

i am kind of swamped w/ a couple things, but will get back to each letter, as soon as i can.


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