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December 16, 2012


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JJ -

Well stated. Brace yourself for another Brady Bunch hysterical run at banning not just semi-auto rifles but pistols as well. By the way, wasn't there a short news report from Oregon this last week end regarding a CC man at a mall interupting another merson firing shots at that mall which resulted in the shooter turning his gun on himself - as the story goes, the CC guy only displayed his weapon and never fired it.

john jay


thank you.

yes, you are correct about the clackamas mall shooting. the fellow drew a pistol, was aiming at the shooter but did not take a shot because of people behind the target, was seen by the shooter who then ran away and subsequently shot himself.

i think the shooter took no more more shots after being confronted by the armed citizen with a weapon of his own.

no, it has not been covered widely in the current hysteria.


p.s. i am a little worried.

david keene is hardly harlan carter.

and boehner is worthless as tits on a boar hog.

bad confluence of circumstances.


After 9-11 we did not ban ownership of passenger jets, nor did we ban muslims, in spite of the fact that nearly 3000 men women and children were slaughtered by jets under the control of Muslims.


Can any of you commentators spell? Do you know how to punctuate? Do you know how to construct a sentence? Most of you write like retards.

john jay


do any of you guys who piss and moan about punctuation, who pontificate about grammar and construction and the like, have any points about anything of substance?

other than showing everybody in the world that you are facile and erudite.

about not very much at all.

what's your bitch?

what's your point?

john jay

p.s. you got a point to make, at all? if so, make it.

if you wish to write about punctuation, word usage, and the like, ... , blog about it.

don't waste my time trying to demonstrate you are superior to me. i don't care much one way or the other.

john jay


i suppose, upon 8 seconds reflection, that you are owed an honest answer to your tortured inquiries.

yes, i know how to do those things.

but, for various reasons, i prefer the lewis and clark method of writing.

john jay

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