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November 18, 2012


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Post turtles john jay. Placed there because they act as required, extorted and rewarded as needed.

Yet the narrative always holds.

How does a complex system like the US Federal Government move unhindered, unquestioned, consistently, and steadily to authoritarian rule, when comprised of unarguably corrupt, ineffective and witless politicians and bureaucrats?

john jay


"post turtles," it is. just as curious as to how they got there, as anybody else.

laughing. sums it up pretty well.


the law of agencies and regulatory power is very interesting, and, for the most part, appellate court fashioned.

the court decisions recognize the authority of agencies to adopt regulations over that which they are authorized by congress: the "delegation of authority" doctrine has grown to be a license to agencies to regulate, instead of a restraint upon their authority to do so.

the courts recognize in agencies familiarity with the subject matter, and some recognition of authority by virtue of this "expertise."

so, there's your regulation.

the courts also say that agencies are to be granted considerable latitude in the interpretation of their own rules, to the exclusion of courts to intervene in such interpretation of the reach and breadth of rules & regs.

well, the agencies play this like a fiddle.

the result is, when combined with the presidential authority to issue presidential orders, means that agencies have basically supplanted congress when it comes to regulation of commerce, environmental things, the like.

if congress did not have "the power of the purse" it would be largely without any authority at all.

in short, the courts have given the executive the ability, for good or ill, to conduct our governance.

i agree with most of what you say.

the agencies are remarkably leftist, and hostile to any notion of restraint upon government.

and, bureaucrats are venal, and arrogant. they are not, however, witless.

would it were so.

instead they are implacably hostile to limited government, and seek to intrude upon everything we do.

kafkaesque, you might say. (i hope that's a word. laughing.)

thanks, sDee, for the read and the comment. come back always. you always have something worthwhile to note.

john jay


This explains a lot....the unchecked abuse of power by Executive Branch, Congress rendering itself irrelevant by failing to curb it, and most of all, the recent exponential centralization of power by those who see the opportunity.

My use of 'bureaucrat' was too broad as I was thinking of the likes of Petreaus, Panetta, Rice and the like. They are appointed, not the calculating entrenched bureaucrats who cultivate power as you lay out.

You've a unique perspective on this landscape and run ahead of us john jay. Speaking for myself, I give this all a shot and manage to digest a bite at a time :)

I am always wary of things that are far more complex than need be...far too much accidental complexity in this treachery. Intentional. My gut just tells me that the essential complexity of this, although well masked, is not so complex at all, but essentially ugly and evil.

john jay


very purposeful, all of it.

it is yet to be seen whether this country survived the 1960's.

it resides in the governmental bureaucracy we have all around us.


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